MAE Letter to Students

Dear Future Teacher,

We are so pleased that you are joining the profession. Teaching is a very rewarding career that requires a high level of civic engagement. The MAE programs prepare you to engage in that work extremely well. We have a high employment rate and high retention rate among graduates. Indeed, we have graduates teaching all over the world successfully. Administrators often comment on how much they appreciate the quality of our teachers.

Our education faculty advisors and department chair are glad to talk with you at any point if you have any questions about our programs. We make sure that you have time in schools with students and that you engage in reflective practice frequently, which greatly contributes to your teaching expertise.

Our initial certification at the master’s level requires an undergraduate degree and a background in the liberal arts and sciences. For students who want to teach K-12 or in a secondary program, your undergraduate degree should be in that particular discipline. If you are interested in teaching elementary or special education, you may earn any undergraduate degree that is offered at Truman State University. This information and more are available in the student handbook and in the student resources.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of us with any questions and thank you for considering a career in teaching.


Wendy S. Miner, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
School of Health Sciences and Education
Truman State University
Wendy Minor