About the Bulldog Student Investment Fund

Founded in the fall of 2011, the Bulldog Student Investment Fund (BSIF) at Truman State University is composed of undergraduate members from a diverse background of majors assembled to conduct equity analysis and make investments for the benefit of the Truman State University Foundation. The BSIF operates to provide additional experiential learning opportunities for students through the research, purpose, and management of equity investments.

Led by Truman students and a faculty advisor, the BSIF manages University funds made available through the generous support of external donors. Since its inception, the BSIF was founded to provide its members with real-world experience and accountability in managing substantial funds for the University.

In formal educational sessions, experienced members of the BSIF educate new members on various topics, related to equity investing, such as:

  • principles of fundamental equity analysis
  • discounting principles
  • relative valuations
  • DuPont analyses
  • active qualitative assessments to complement the fund’s investment strategy
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