Distinct by Design

A Unique Academic Program

We have been very intentional and deliberate in the design of our curricular and co-curricular experiences to strike the perfect balance between breadth and depth. At Truman, you develop broad foundational skills—like problem-solving, critical thinking, and effective communication—plus deeper knowledge in a particular subject area, along with access to experiential learning opportunities.

Central to the Truman experience is a personal approach that lets you craft a unique academic path. Whether you’re a scientist with a creative side or an artist who’s curious about science, you can cultivate a wide range of interests and talents. The combination of your area of study and our core curriculum, called the Dialogues, provides you with intellectual diversity and versatile skills that are highly sought after by employers.

With its distinct design, the Truman experience sets you up as a multidimensional thinker ready to take on the ever-changing challenges of the modern world.

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