Liberal Studies Core Curriculum

A Truman education empowers you to succeed in your first career move or graduate school as well as in any profession you pursue throughout your life.

How do we do this? By instilling the value of asking the great questions; cultivating the practical intellect; and developing your critical-thinking, problem-solving and communication —  skills that allow you to adapt and learn on the fly in a rapidly changing world. You develop capabilities to handle different situations that may evolve and the agility to use multiple approaches to solve problems and find innovative solutions that others may overlook. A Truman education will benefit you throughout your life professionally and personally.

Liberal Studies Program

Regardless of the field you pursue, our Liberal Studies Program (LSP) helps turn curious learners into well-rounded individuals by building a broad educational base. Our core curriculum focuses on:

  • Essential Skills for lifelong learning
  • Multiple Modes of Inquiry so you learn how to approach problems and issues in different academic disciplines
  • Interconnecting Perspectives that allow you to draw on the broad breadth and depth of knowledge you gain as a result of your educational experience at Truman

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