Double Room Buy-out

Would you prefer to have a room to yourself?  Would you prefer not to share a space with a roommate?  On a first-come-first-serve basis, students living on-campus have the option to self-select a double room without a roommate; this is known as a double room buy-out. This option expands our inventory of single-occupancy rooms throughout the Residence Halls. Both single rooms and double room buy-out spaces are available to continuing and some first-year students while our inventory holds. Students with earlier timeslots have increased likelihood of securing single-occupancy spaces (either single rooms or double room buy-outs).

What is a buy-out?

A “double room buy-out” is a room designed for two individuals (two sets of room furniture), but is available for one student to live-in.  The second set of furniture will not be removed and must stay in the room.  This housing option is available in both community-style and suite-style communities.

Who is eligible?

Whether you’re an incoming first-year student, a returning student continuing to live on-campus, or an off-campus student looking to move back on-campus, all students are eligible to request a double room buy-out.

What is the cost of a buy-out?

The on-campus housing rates, including the cost of a buy-out, are available HERE.