Housing Rates

Housing Rates for 2020-2021

Housing rates listed below are per semesterper person.  Please note that all Housing Contracts are for the duration of the academic calendar including both fall and spring semesters. If you are a scholarship recipient, please check with Financial Aid to determine the amount which your scholarship will cover.

If you wish to see the 2019-2020 room and board rates please click HERE.

For information about the different Meal Plan Options, please click HERE.


  • Single Occupancy Room: A room set up to house one person
  • Double Occupancy Room:  A room that two individuals occupy
  • Deluxe Double: An oversized room that two individuals occupy
  • Multiple Occupancy Room: A room that three or four individuals occupy
  • Single – Double Room Buyout: A room designed for two individuals, but is made available for one occupant.  Limited availability through the Room Selection Process.

Group A*Blanton-Nason-Brewer HallRyle HallWest Campus Suites
Single Occupancy$3,540.00$3,540.00$3,540.00
Double Occupancy$3,060.50$3,060.50$3,060.50
Deluxe Double$3,388.50$3,388.50Not available
Multiple Occupancy$2,805.00$2,805.00Not available
Single - Double Room BuyoutNot available at this timeNot available at this timeNot available at this time

* Students Living in These Residence Halls are Required to Have a Meal Plan

Group B*Centennial HallDobson HallMissouri Hall
Single Occupancy$3,285.00$3,285.00$3,285.00
Double Occupancy$2,874.00Not available$2,874.00
Deluxe Double Occupancy$3,197.50$3,197.50$3,197.50
Multiple Occupancy$2,631.50Not availableNot available
Single - Double Room Buyout$3,605.50Not availableNot available at this time
Single - Deluxe Double Room Buyout$4,042.00Note availableNot available

* Students Living in These Residence Halls are Required to Have a Meal Plan

Group CCampbell Apartments
One Bedroom Apartment,
Double Occupancy
Two Bedroom,
Triple Occupancy
Family Housing - One Bedroom Apartment$3,881.00
Family Housing - Two Bedroom Apartment$4,472.50
Group DRandolph Apartments
One Bedroom Apartment,
Single Occupancy
Two Bedroom,
Double Occupancy