Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall


Centennial Hall is a five-floor, suite-style residence hall housing approximately 600 residents. Centennial offers great community space in the form of the biggest floor lounges on campus and a dining hall. Centennial was renovated in 2012-2014 updated with laundry facilities, kitchens, study areas, and computer stations. Centennial is known for its outstanding community atmosphere, Festival Centennial each fall, and its mascot, the banana. Centennial does not have air conditioning or carpeting in resident rooms.

Layout: Semi-suite style housing with double and triple rooms
Community Size: 522
Floors: 5

Centennial Hall is not currently open for room selection.

Room Photos

Double Suite Style

Double Deluxe Community Style*

*Room does not come with Microfridge unit. Microfridge must be rented separately.

Suite Style Bathroom

Community Lounges

Room Dimensions

Room TypeApproximate Room DimensionsApproximate Window Dimensions
Single Suite13'11" x 11'8"6'3"W x 5'H
Double Suite13'11" x 11'8"6'3"W x 5'H
Deluxe Double Suite6'3"W x 5'H
Triple Suite19'4" x 12'6'3"W x 5'H

Please note the dimensions listed above are approximations based on a standard room in the building; due to room type and building layout, actual room dimensions may vary. We highly encourage you to measure your room after your arrival prior to purchasing items for your room (carpet, curtains, etc.).

Public Amenities

  • Wi-Fi, wired Internet, and cable access
  • Cafeteria
  • Community lounges
  • Study lounges
  • Computer stations
  • Game room
  • Kitchens on 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors
  • Two laundry facilities on 2nd floor

Building Maps

1st Floor 2nd Floor 3rd Floor 4th Floor 5th Floor

Mailing Address

Student Name
Centennial Hall Room #_____
1000 S. Franklin
Kirksville, MO 63501