General Amenities

Each room is furnished with the following (per resident):

  • One bed with bunking/ lofting materials (homemade lofts are not allowed)
  • One twin-sized standard length mattress
    • If you are 6’4″ or taller, you may request an extra-long bed and mattress by calling the Facilities Department at (660) 785-4687. A limited number are available. You will need to provide: your full name, your height, your housing placement (building and room number), and a contact phone number.
  • One chair and desk with two bookshelves and a set of three small drawers.
  • One chest of three drawers per room (two chest of drawers in triple rooms).
  • One closet  per double room or one wardrobe per person (two closets in triple rooms).
  • Blinds or shades for each window.

Additional Information:

  • Rooms in BNB Hall, Centennial Hall 1st floor, Dobson Hall, Missouri Hall, Ryle Hall and West Campus Suites are carpeted.  Rooms in Centennial Hall have tile floors.  All of the Apartments are carpeted.
  • BNB Hall, Dobson Hall, and Missouri Hall, have one wardrobe per person in each room (the wardrobe contains shelves, an area for hanging clothes, and two drawers).
  • Ryle Hall has built-in wardrobe closets, one per room (plus a closet in multiple occupant rooms).  The wardrobe closet contains shelves and an area for hanging clothes.
  • Centennial Hall and Ryle Hall have one closet per room (2 in triple rooms).
  • Living rooms in West Campus Suites are furnished with an upholstered couch and chair, a coffee table, end table, and entertainment center.
  • Living rooms in Campbell Apartments are furnished with a couch and entertainment center.  The kitchen/ dining areas are furnished with a table and chairs.
S=Suite Style
Air ConditioningMulti-Purpose
Campbell Apartments129PNYNNYN
Centennial Hall522SCafeteriaYNYNY
Missouri Hall479CCafeteriaYYYYY
Ryle Hall475S/CCafeteriaYYYYY
West Campus Suites413SC-StoreYNYYY

All on-campus housing options provide access to the following features:

  • Wired and Wireless Internet
  • Computer workstations in public spaces
  • Common area kitchen facilities
  • Vending areas
  • Laundry rooms
  • Television Service

If you would like more information about your specific hall please click on the links below: