Taiwan Connect Program

Truman State University’s Taiwan Connect Program is one of the innovative ways students apply what they learn in the classroom to endeavors that prepare them for the challenges of an interconnected world.

Truman students who participate in this fun video-chat program get a chance to interact with Chinese speakers abroad to practice their language and teaching skills without ever leaving campus. In weekly 25-minute sessions, Truman students Skype English lesson plans to elementary school students thousands of miles away in Chuanghua County, Taiwan.

During real-time discussions, the college students and the elementary students discuss the lesson and share information about their cultures which translates into a valuable learning opportunities for both groups of students. In addition, the Truman students gain a unique experience to add to their resumes.

“We get the opportunity to learn a different side of a culture that we may not have seen before. It really is neat to see the impact that we are making and how much that means to students in Taiwan.—Michael Fentress, Truman Student  


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