Students of Concern Team: Frequently Asked Questions

The Students of Concern Team (SOC) is a collection of trained professionals from multiple disciplines who work to help students who may be having difficulty with their behavior or actions.
There are representatives from multiple departments. These departments include: University Counseling Services and Student Health, Conduct, Residence Life, Center for Academic Excellence. The team is chaired by the Student Education and Support Coordinator.
Truman has a team to allow campus officials from different departments to address concerning behavior and prevent acts of violence.
The team meets weekly and any additional times as needed.
Most referrals come from faculty and staff members of the Truman community, but students are also encouraged to report.
Contact Student Life at or call (660) 785-4111.
Team members have been trained in assessing students behaviors, and many team members are also trained in student mental and physical health. Training has also been received in crisis management, suicide prevention, academic tutoring, and success coaching.
All cases are reviewed with the most serious cases handled first.  All cases referred are reviewed and and managed as necessary.
All documents and information submitted to the team are owned by Student Life and protected by FERPA.
You are the eyes and ears of the SOC Team and the best prevention method on Truman’s campus. A change in behavior is the first sign to something being wrong and a person needing assistance.
You should share information immediately with the team when you see a pattern of concerning behavior. The earlier the team receives information the more they will be able to assist the student.

The team is designed to connect people in distress to the necessary resources to help them deal with the stressors in their lives.  The team is designed to deal with a wide array of harm on campus, not just school shootings.
Any Truman student, staff, and faculty member can report a concerning behavior by submitting a Behavioral Referral Form. A member of the community may report a concern by contacting Student Life at (660) 785-4111.
An automated email response will be sent to your email address ensuring the concern has been received by the SOC.  An SOC member will follow up with you if additional information is required and/or you are deemed the best support person for the student.  If you are the best support system for the student, an SOC member will counsel you regarding the best response based on their information.  If a better support person is found, a team member will follow up with you, however; only information will be shared that does not violate FERPA.
The team will review all referrals, if the concern turns out to not be valid, nothing will happen to the student or to the reporter
Yes, an anonymous report can be made, however, due to the nature of the referral, anonymity may not be kept. We do not recommend anonymous reporting because it causes difficulty with following up and receiving additional information.

If this is an emergency, call 911. This site is not monitored 24 hours a day.

Behavioral Referral Form  Working with Distressed Students