Peace Corps Prep Program

Peace Corps LogoDo you dream of living abroad and making a difference in a community? Truman State University is proud to partner with the United States Peace Corps to offer Peace Corps Prep Certification so you can add value to your Truman experience.

Preparing for International Service

No matter what major you are pursuing at Truman, you are eligible to enroll in our Peace Corps Prep Program completing coursework and field experiences that prepare you for international development fieldwork and potential Peace Corps service. When you successfully complete the program, you receive recognition on your co-curricular transcript and a signed certificate from the Peace Corps. While certification does not guarantee acceptance into the Peace Corps, it gives you a competitive advantage when you apply.

If you’re interested in international service, you might also consider the International Studies minor.

For More Information

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Peace Corps Prep Student Guide


Holly Troyer with her Certificate of Completion for the Peace Corps Prep Program

Living closely and working together with two different cultures (Albanian and Macedonian) that are both so different from my own Midwestern American culture has completely changed my perspective on my career and my expectations from myself and the world around me. Already the short time that I’ve spent in Macedonia has challenged my ideas of self and my future goals, what American culture is, how to learn and teach language, and what it means to serve.
Sydnie Russian (Class of 2018), Peace Corps Prep Certification, B.A. in Russian, Minor in English and Applied Linguistics, Serving with Peace Corps Macedonia