CMDS Graduate Program: Student Outcome Data

National Exam (Praxis Examination) Pass Rate*

Academic YearNumber taking testNumber passing testPass rate*
3-year average pass rate5858100%

* Truman CMDS graduate students are required to take the national Praxis exam in speech-language pathology prior to graduation; most take it during their internship semester. This pass rate represents first attempts. As far back as we have records, no Truman grad student has failed the test on their second attempt.

Master’s Program Completion Rate

Academic YearNumber completing program in expected timeNumber taking longer than usual*Number not completing the programPercent completing in expected time
3-year average571294.8%

* We make every effort to accommodate non-traditional students, some of whom have family and other obligations that prevent them from following the curriculum in exactly the usual way or on the usual schedule. Some students also elect to complete a thesis or extend their program for other reasons that are part of an individualized academic plan. For the purposes of this table, “taking longer than usual” means that the student required more than the planned amount of time due to difficulties fulfilling academic or clinical requirements on schedule.