Incoming Freshmen: Financial Aid

If you are a prospective undergraduate student or will be a first-year student and don’t know how to go about applying for financial aid at Truman, here are the basic steps to get you started.

1 Apply to Truman
To be considered for financial aid, you must be admitted to Truman. Our undergraduate application is free, and you can complete it anytime after you have received your junior year grades (six semesters of high school).

December-Early February

Although applications for admission to Truman are considered on a rolling basis, you are encouraged to submit a complete application early to maximize your potential for scholarship consideration.

2 Complete the FAFSA
Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a form used to determine financial need for federal aid (such as federal grants, loans and work-study), state aid, and some scholarships. When you fill out the FAFSA be sure to list Truman State University  — Truman’s federal school code is 002495.  See Completing the FAFSA FAQ.

October 1

You should complete the FAFSA as soon as possible for the coming year to be considered for maximum aid.

3 Check your email
After you have been admitted to Truman and have submitted the FAFSA, our Financial Aid Office will review your eligibility for aid. Since we will communicate with you via email about your financial aid package, it is important for you to check your email often and file required paperwork before any deadlines pass.

Stay in Touch

To make sure everything is progressing smoothly, stay in contact with us to ensure we have everything from you that we need.

Estimating Aid

There are several tools you can use to get estimates regarding your eligibility for student aid and the cost of attending Truman. See Estimating Aid.

Flexible Payment Plan 

Truman offers an option to pay your tuition in installments. For details, see the section on Flexible Payment Plan included in the information on Payment of Fees.

Parent Access

Educational records are protected by FERPA. For your parent(s) to have access to your student account information, you will need to set them up as authorized users in TruView (Truman’s student portal).  For instructions on adding authorized users, see Frequently Asked Questions About Your Student Account.