Student Aid Resources Across the Web

The Financial Aid Information Page

  • FastWEB scholarship search tool
  • SAI (Student Aid Index) estimator to help predict need for student aid programs
  • FAQs–frequently asked questions about financial aid
  • Title IV Institution Code List – school code numbers for the FAFSA so aid application results can be sent to those schools
  • Personal financial information and IRS information

U. S. Department of Education

  • Information about financial aid resources for students
  • The complete text of “Funding Your Education,” “Looking for Student Aid,” and “The Student Guide” which assist you with the application process and describes the Federal student aid programs

Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development (MDHEWD)

  • Information about state scholarships, grants, and loans
  • Avoiding financial aid fraud
  • How to save and assist with paying for college costs

Mapping Your Future

  • Ten Steps to Financial Fitness
  • Planning a career, selecting a school, and paying for school

Peterson’s Education Center

  • FAQS, frequently asked questions, on student financial aid
  • Calendar of what you should be doing your junior and senior years of high school to plan for college
  • An explanation of how to go about applying for student financial aid


  • Planning and paying for college
  • Borrower account access

Financial Aid Facts

  • Tips for writing a good scholarship essay
  • How to apply for scholarships
  • Types of financial aid available