Value of Truman

Offering students a great, yet affordable education is a hallmark of our institution. As one of the nation’s best colleges for return on investment, we are forever committed to providing opportunity to all students who are eager to learn, grow and attain success.

of students graduate with no student loan debt
of students earn scholarships
of graduates are employed or attending graduate school 6 months after graduation

Cost of Attendance

This is our best look at cost to attend Truman and estimated variable costs associated with attending Truman for incoming students.

Estimated Direct CostsIn-State CostOut-of-State Cost
^Tuition (2023-24)$9,132$17,532
Average Fees$1,018$1,018
Direct Costs Subtotal$10,150$18,550
Estimated Indirect Costs (Variable)In-State CostOut-of-State Cost
*Living Expenses (Housing & Food)$11,300$11,300
Personal Expenses$2,500$2,500
Books and Supplies$1,000$1,000
Loan Fees$72$72
Indirect Costs Subtotal$16,302$16,302
In-State CostOut-of-State Cost
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance$26,452$34,852

^Our full-time undergraduate students taking 12-17 credit hours pay a flat tuition fee. The tuition number listed is what students are currently paying for the 23-24 school year.
Note: there has been an approximately 5% increase in tuition each year over the past few years. Fall 2024 starting students will find it helpful to add $457 for in-state students and $877  for out-of-state students for your most accurate estimate of your final tuition costs. Final tuition and fees are approved annually by the Board of Governors during their late spring or early summer sessions and may be subject to change.

*Housing and food estimate based on average housing expense and 21 meals per week meal plan. Please note, first-year students are required to live on-campus and have a meal plan according to Board of Governor’s policy unless they meet one of these four criteria. Students who plan to commute should submit a first-year residency waiver once admitted.

The cost of attendance is for full-time enrollment and will be adjusted for less-than-full-time enrollment or single-term enrollment.

An additional one-time Orientation and Truman Week fee of $350 is assessed for incoming freshmen and $150 for incoming transfer students.

Types of Aid

Our Office of Admissions exists to help you experience a dynamic education without mortgaging your future. Explore our merit-based scholarships, grants, loans and employment opportunities below.

Glossary of Aid Terms