Graduate Programs

Graduate Student Tuition

Tuition at the graduate level is assessed per credit hour. The costs of graduate programs vary depending on the field of study; additional fees and exceptions may apply.

2023-2024 Academic Year

Graduate ProgramFormatTotal Credit HoursPer Credit HourTotal Estimated Tuition*
Accountancy, MAcOn Campus or Online30$541$16,230
Applied Behavior Analysis, Graduate CertificateOnline24$488$11,712
Athletic Training, MATOn Campus59$504$29,736
Communication Disorders, MAOn Campus47$504$23,688
Counseling, MAOnline60$541$32,460
Data Science, Graduate CertificateOnline15$504$7,560
Data Science and Analytic Storytelling, MSOnline30$504$15,120
Disability Studies-Applied Behavior Analysis, MAOnline38$488$18,544
Education, MAEOn Campus35-41$504$17,640-$20,664
English, MAOnline36$488$17,568
Gifted Education, MAOnline30$310$9,300
Leadership, MAOn Campus or Online33$488$16,104
Music, MAOn Campus32$504$16,128


  • Additional special class fees may be assessed depending upon individual course selection.
  • Students taking a combination of undergraduate and graduate hours will be assessed separately for the number of undergraduate and graduate hours taken.
  • The maximum standard graduate class load (for fall and spring semesters) is 15 credits. The University will charge an overload fee for 16 credits or more.
  • *The tuition rate is approved annually by Truman’s Board of Governors during their late spring or early summer sessions and may be subject to change for the following academic year.

Student Accounts and Payments

All charges are assessed on the student’s official account through the Business Office. The Cashier’s Window is available to help conduct financial transactions. Payments should be made payable to Truman State University.  Questions regarding payments may be directed to Student Accounts or by email at