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Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Complex data analysis is revolutionizing how we understand the world around us, and many companies are searching for talented professionals who can bring these skills to the workplace. A Graduate Certificate in Data Science can give you the credential you need to upgrade your skillset and advance in your career. You don’t have to have a background in computer science or statistics to get started.

The Graduate Certificate in Data Science introduces you to the foundational concepts of the field so that you are prepared to hit the ground running with a new job or assignment in the field. International students should note that the Data Science Program is online, and you will not be issued a student visa to complete this degree.

You will learn the programming language “R” and explore open source tools that utilize the language to conduct powerful analyses of large data sets. You will learn about analysis of these large data sets, how to find patterns in the data, and how to use “R” to facilitate machine learning. You will complete your experience with a capstone course that puts you or a team of students to work with a larger data set of your choice. Under the guidance of a mentor professor, you will locate, clean, and analyze the data with the ultimate goal of presenting your findings to a panel of faculty. Projects that are relevant to your work are encouraged so that you can share your work with colleagues and employers.


Degree Requirements
Required Courses: 15 Credits or more

PDAT 610G – Introduction to Data Science (Credits: 3)
PDAT 611G – Big Data Management (Credits: 3)
PDAT 613G – Data Mining (Credits: 3)
PDAT 615G – Machine Learning (Credits: 3)
PDAT 620G – Data Science Capstone (Credits: 3)

Total Hours: 15

Want to proceed to the master’s degree? Simply apply to the master’s degree program as you are finishing the graduate certificate. You’ll only have 15 more credits to go!

Data Science Program
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