The Data Science Graduate Certificate is an online program designed to help you quickly acquire new skills you can apply to this rapidly expanding field. Accelerate your career by enhancing your ability to manage, analyze, and draw conclusions from large amounts of data and applying your findings to your field of interest, such as science, business, government, engineering, and health care.

A tech-related undergraduate degree is not required to pursue this program.

Data Science — Why Truman?

Tremendous value — high quality at low cost
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A program designed for the working professional  
Customize projects to your relevant work or interest areas


An introduction to the world of Data Science and in-depth exposure to the statistical software environment “R.”

An exploration of techniques used to manage and prepare very large data sets.

An exploration of techniques used to find patterns in very large data sets, with an emphasis on the statistical structure of the approaches and practical uses of key tools.

Get familiar with statistical learning techniques (regression, regularization, and principal component analysis) and programming in a popular machine learning language such as R.

Working alone or in a pre-approved group, you’ll complete a data science project within your given discipline. The deliverables for this project include a technical paper written in R Markdown that details the project and the steps taken.

Total hours: 15

Want to proceed to the master’s degree?

Simply apply to the master’s degree program as you are finishing the graduate certificate. You’ll only have 15 more credits to go.

The graduate certificate is stackable which means if you ever choose to return and complete your Master’s degree, all your certificate credits will count toward it.

Data Science Program—Academic Calendar

Program starts in spring and fall each year. Eight-week courses offered year-round.


Spring First BlockSpring Second BlockSummer Eight-Week
Fall First BlockFall Second Block


Admission Requirements

  • Online application ($40 application fee)
  • Official transcripts demonstrating:
    • completion of baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution (or international equivalent)
    • 2.5 cumulative GPA*
      *Or demonstrate sufficient professional experience to prepare them for the proposed field of study.
    • completion of STAT 190 – Basic Statistics**
    • completion of CS 170 – Intro to Computer Science**
      **If you need help completing these requirements, please contact about fulfilling them as part of the data science graduate program. Students with workplace knowledge of statistics or programming may request a waiver of the prerequisite, please contact to begin waiver consideration.
    • GRE scores are optional. No score is required to apply, nor at any point during the program.
Regrettably, we are unable to consider applications for fully-online programs by individuals who reside outside of the United States and its territories at this time.  International applicants are still encouraged to consider our face-to-face programs located on campus in Kirksville, Missouri.


credit hours
per credit hour
total estimated tuition*

*Total estimated tuition based on 2024-25 academic year. Tuition subject to change.

Financial Aid

For information about financial aid, see Financial Aid Resources for Graduate Studies or contact the Financial Aid Office at (660) 785-4130 or

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