Online Program

Master of Science in Data Science and Analytic Storytelling

The Master of Science in Data Science and Analytic Storytelling is a one-of-a-kind program that combines the software and problem solving skills of a data science degree with critical analytic, presentation, and visualization skills representing the best of Truman’s liberal arts tradition.

As an Analytic Storyteller, you will go beyond organizing and interpreting big sets of data. You will be prepared to: synthesize critical conclusions for the lay person; help visualize those conclusions for information consumers; and adapt information to varied audiences.

This program also affords you the opportunity to work on more detailed work-relevant projects than the graduate certificate program and gives you the opportunity to learn additional programming languages. Projects that are relevant to your work are encouraged so that you can share your work with colleagues and employers. International students should note that the Data Science Program is online, and you will not be issued a student visa to complete this degree.


Degree Requirements
Required Courses: 24 Credits or more

PDAT 610G – Introduction to Data Science (Credits: 3)
PDAT 611G – Big Data Management (Credits: 3)
PDAT 613G – Data Mining (Credits: 3)
PDAT 615G – Machine Learning (Credits: 3)
PDAT 622G – Narrative, Argument, and Persuasion with Data (Credits: 3)
PDAT 624G – Principles of Design in Data Visualization (Credits: 3)
PDAT 625G – Ethics and Data Security (Credits: 3)
PDAT 630G – Thesis Credit (Credits: 3 or 6)

Elective Courses: To 30 credits total

PDAT 617G – Python for Data Science (Credits: 3)
PDAT 620G – Data Science Capstone (Credits: 3)
PDAT 626G – Practicum in Data Storytelling (Credits: 3)

Total Hours: 30

Data Science Program
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