Welcome to the Department of Computer and Data Sciences at Truman State University!

In the Statistics and Data Science Program, students learn techniques for quantifying uncertainty, exploring complex data, and effectively communicating the language of science and computation.

The Computer Science Program is a multifaceted discipline that is relevant to almost every aspect of daily life, creating a high demand for computing knowledge and skills. Undergraduate programs combine foundational knowledge, software design, and development approaches along with more focused looks at specialized areas such as:

  • database design
  • computer security
  • artificial intelligence
  • user-interface design

Academic Programs

Multidimensional Learning Environment


When you study computer science at Truman, you can participate in individual software development projects, Research Experience for Undergraduates (REUs), and personalized research experiences with one-on-one faculty mentorship.


Student Organizations

You can expand your network by getting involved with student groups on campus. Some of the organizations geared toward computer science include Association for Computing Machinery, Computer Gaming Association, and Tru Women in Computer Science.

students in the computer science major
students in the minors
of majors complete an internship
of our graduates enter the workforce directly
of our graduates attend graduate school

Why study statistics at Truman?

Scott Alberts“Students who participate in DataFest use statistical modeling and visualization techniques to explore real-world big data sets for live clients and gain valuable experience for future careers and graduate school.”
—Scott Alberts, Chair, Statistics Department

Carol Thatcher“What I like about teaching introductory statistics is getting the chance to show students that statistics isn’t that hard and really is relevant to their lives. Statistics is a great representative of the liberal arts. There’s critical thinking, analysis, design, and communication skills—all used to tell the story behind the numbers.”
—Carol Thatcher, Professor, Statistics Department

Hyun-Joo Kim“What an awesome choice to study at Truman! There are so many interesting things we can learn together in data science, applied statistics, actuarial science, and traditional statistics. We have successful students in graduate schools in statistics, biostatistics, and data science, and working as data analysts, actuaries, and data scientists. We would love to talk to you and get to know you.”
—Hyun-Joo Kim, Professor, Statistics Department

Jeonghwa Lee“Statistics is an interesting field of study. It reveals what structure is behind the scenes through analysis and modeling of data. It also goes well with other disciplines as it backs up or disproves their claims and theories with empirical evidence.”
—Jeonghwa Lee, Assistant Professor, Statistics Department

Statistical Consulting Services

Truman State University, CASE, Center for Applied Statistics and Evaluation

Center for Applied Statistics and Evaluation

CASE provides statistical consulting services to campus groups and projects, the Kirksville community, and the greater northeast Missouri area. Undergraduate students with a statistical background can be involved with the consulting under the guidance of faculty consultants.

Statistics News

Datafest team members

Congratulations to Truman teams who did a great job in Datafest 2022.