Data Science 4+1 Program

Earn a Bachelor's Degree plus a Master of Science in Data Science and Analytic Storytelling

Data Science 4+1 is an accelerated program for Truman undergraduates who plan to pursue the Master’s in Data Science and Analytic Storytelling.

Students who have completed certain undergraduate coursework in Statistics may apply for the 4+1 Program, which allows some courses to be simultaneously included in both the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, including the allowance of up to 12 graduate hours to be counted toward the 120 credits required for a Bachelor’s degree. Some undergraduate STAT courses give placement into higher-level PDAT coursework, but not graduate credit toward the Master’s Degree.

Truman undergraduate students wishing to enroll in the accelerated 4+1 Program must apply to the Master’s in Data Science and Analytic Storytelling and be admitted as provisional graduate students. Typically, this happens by the end of your sophomore year.

Admission Requirements

  • An overall GPA of at least 3.00.
  • A grade of ‘B’ or better in STAT 190/STAT 290, CS 170/CS 180, STAT 220, and STAT 250 or permission of the program director consulting with the PDAT committee.

Students interested in the Accelerated 4+1 Program are encouraged to talk to the Professional Data Science Program Director, the Chair of the Computer and Data Sciences Department, and their advisor early in their career.

Data Science 4+1 Application


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For more information on the Data Science 4+1 Program, contact the Statistics Department.