The Data Science Foundations Undergraduate Certificate introduces you to the world of data science. This five-course (14 hours) program is well-suited for all students interested in developing the fundamental knowledge and skills to apply data science principles to future research or careers. This program prepares you to analyze and make relevant discoveries from large data sets through courses emphasizing statistics, computer science, and business data analytics.

Whether you’re a non-degree-seeking student or a Truman undergraduate looking to supplement your major coursework with additional courses in data science, this credential can give you a competitive edge.

Featured Courses

Study descriptive and inferential statistics with practical applications to real-world data.
Examine the key ideas of computing and programming including basic concepts, variables, functions, loops, algorithms, data types, and graphics.
Learn data analytics tools using Microsoft Excel to solve business problems.
Explore the field of data science within the broader context of statistics, including data handling, visualization, reproducibility, predictive modeling, and machine learning.
Learn how to visually display complex data and explore multiple ways of providing insight through static and interactive visualizations using technology.
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Enhanced Career Potential

Adding a data science credential to your resume can advance a career in business, finance, healthcare, law, education, public health, and many other fields.

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Career Center Services

You will have access to Truman's Career Services, which provides tools and resources to help you develop your career plans


Current Undergraduate Truman Student

If you’re currently enrolled at Truman, you can pursue an undergraduate degree and an undergraduate certificate simultaneously.

Not a Truman student?

If you’re not currently enrolled at Truman, you can apply for the Data Science Foundations Undergraduate Certificate program as a Non-Degree-Seeking Student.