The Business Analytics Undergraduate Certificate Program equips you with the technical and critical-thinking skills to make data-driven decisions.

Today, more than ever, companies rely on data to understand customers and improve business processes to become more efficient and profitable. In their quest to incorporate data-driven culture, organizations have discovered that their main challenge lies in analyzing and interpreting data.

The 20-credit-hour undergraduate certificate program, offered by a team of interdisciplinary faculty members, provides you with experiential training in business intelligence tools.

Career Opportunities

Through this program, you can enhance your career potential by having the ability to:

  • conduct exploration of complex data
  • create visualizations and interactive dashboards to effectively communicate results and findings
  • apply descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics techniques in different business disciplines
  • employ quantitative modeling and analysis techniques for optimal and robust decision-making in a business environment

Some career opportunities where you can apply these credentials include:

  • Analytics Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst

Featured Courses

Study business data analytics uses and applications to solve business problems
Learn key ideas of computing and programming covering basic concepts, variables, functions, loops, algorithms, data types, and graphics.
Explore the field of data science within the broader context of statistics, including Data Handling, Visualization, Reproducibility, Predictive Modeling, and Machine Learning. You will investigate the advantages and boundaries of traditional statistical inference, why traditional statistical inference techniques are sometimes not enough, and differences in rhetorical and philosophical models between the two.
Learn about the role of information and systems within a business organization, focusing on their impact on the functions, management and strategy of the firm.
Explore the visual display of complex data using technology and multiple ways of providing insight and understanding through static and interactive visualizations.
Study the concepts of business analytics and its application in different business disciplines.

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