Computer Science Student Organizations

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)


ACM, the First Society in Computing. Founded in 1947, the Association for Computing Machinery is the oldest and largest professional organization for computer scientists. Truman State University hosts one of the approximately 600 student ACM chapters. ACM at Truman features regular meetings on Tuesday evenings, guest speakers, capstone presentations, scholarship opportunities, tutoring for computer science students, service projects, and lots of fun. If you’re a computer science major or minor, ACM is for you.

Computer Gaming Association (CGA)


Computer Gaming Association tries to bring together and support the Truman Gaming community. CGA administers a gaming league and various gaming ladders every semester, and it hosts at least one LAN Gaming Convention event a year. CGA strives to bring Truman gamers together and enrich the gaming community on campus. The CGA attempts to provide servers for the most popular multiplayer computer games on the Truman LAN. For more information about the Computer Gaming Association, please visit our website.

Tru Women in Computer Science (TWiCS)


The Tru Women in Computer Science (TWiCS) is an organization of women students who have an interest in computer science. It is an official University organization sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and was partially supported by a grant from the Boeing Company. You don’t need to be a CS major or minor to participate, you just need to be enthusiastic about computer science.

The focus of the organization is for members to support each other and to have fun through hands-on activities, discussions, outside speakers, tutoring sessions, field trips, and social events. The group meets regularly throughout the semester Tuesdays at 5 pm.

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