Master of Arts in Music

Strong Programs and Faculty

Truman State University has achieved recognition as one of the nation’s most notable public universities. Our student body is a selective one, helping to ensure a quality learning environment.

Choose from a wide range of music graduate study options. Our flexible degree programs are designed to meet your individual needs. Our faculty are nationally and internationally recognized performers, conductors, composers, and scholars.

A Wide Variety of Opportunities for Graduate Studies in Music

At Truman, you are treated as an individual, and personal quality time with our professors is assured. Our outstanding vocal and instrumental ensembles are available on a regular basis to graduate conducting students, and opportunities to perform abound. Graduate composers will find musicians are readily available to perform their works.

Degree Options for Master of Arts in Music

We offer the Master of Arts degree in:

  • Conducting: Vocal Emphasis
  • Conducting: Instrumental Emphasis
  • Instrumental Performance (Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Strings)
  • Music History/Research
  • Piano Performance
  • Theory/Composition
  • Vocal Performance

Learn more about the requirements for the Master of Arts in Music program in the Truman Catalog.

Have Questions?

For more information about our Master of Arts in Music program, contact Victor Marquez-Barrios.

More information on Instrumental Conducting can be found on the Truman Bands website.

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Music Major

Karmin Mazzocchi Scholarship2018-1

This school is truly a special place, and I know that I have made the correct decision. I hold a GTRA position at Truman that allows me to teach undergraduate classes and my eventual goal after school is to teach music classes at a university full time. I am involved in all types of music ensembles and groups. I also teach horseback riding lessons! I love all aspects of teaching, especially when it comes to music.

Karmin M., Master’s Degree in Music Performance, Recipient of the Carolyn Magruder Baughman Scholarship