Transfer of Student Aid

When you transfer from one university to another, your student aid does not automatically transfer with you. You should check into the requirements for each type of financial aid program you presently have (i.e. private scholarships, state aid, federal aid) to determine what course of action is required to ensure your continued eligibility.

These are some points and reminders for you if you transfer:

  • Tell your current school you are leaving and to cancel future aid disbursements.
  • Check to see if the new school requires any additional aid application forms.
  • If you received a Stafford Loan, expect to fill out an Exit Interview Form at the school you are leaving.
  • Reapply for a Stafford Loan at your new school, if you want a loan.
  • Contact the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development if you will be transferring Access Missouri or Bright Flight Scholarship eligibility (573-751-2361).
  • Notify any private sources of awards that you are planning to transfer.
  • If you completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, but did not list your new school on the original form, you will need to release the results of your FAFSA to the Financial Aid Office of your new school.