MA English Summer Course Offerings

LING 608G: Management of Instruction ESOL (Rebecca Dierking)
CRN 4014, 3 credits, online, 06/07-07/30

This course should only be taken by students working toward their certification in ESOL and planning to complete their student teaching internship within the next nine months (fall 2021 or spring 2022).  The course is the final pedagogy course for those working with students whose first language one other than English and includes a significant clinical practice working one-to-one with an ELL. Projects involve written exploration of a topic related to ESOL and unit/lesson planning, as well as significant reading assignments.

ENG 504G: Advanced Creative Writing: Flash Fiction (Jocelyn Cullity)
CRN 4009, 4 credits, online, 06/01-07/02

In this online summer session, we will learn about flash! What is flash fiction?
What is the history of this funky little genre in the United States?
What conventions does flash often rely upon?
Where do we submit flash work for publication?
Take this class to find out these answers and more!

We will read work by professional flash writers, and learn how to talk about the genre.
We will also workshop our flash submissions in our online class.
A discussion of teaching flash will be included for graduate students taking the course.
Questions? Please email Dr. Cullity at

LING 520G: ESOL Assessment K-12 Learners (Emily Olsen)
CRN 4017, 3 credits, online, 06/01-07/02

This course provides an understanding of language assessment, with a focus on K-12 ESL learners. Our main goals include becoming familiar with assessment terminology, as well as understanding the components of sound test construction and applying them to young ESL learners. The course covers validity (content, construct, face, internal, external, and predictive), reliability, and washback. The course also examines purposes of language assessment (placement, diagnostic, proficiency, achievement). Language assessments that are likely to be encountered as a K-12 ESL teacher will be covered, including differences between norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests, as well as alternative assessments, such as portfolios.

ENG 655G: Mindfulness (Rebecca Dierking)
CRN  4015, 2 credits, online, 06/01-07/02
RN  4207, 4 credits, online, 06/01-07/02

This graduate course will examine not only the theoretical foundations of mindfulness but also the applications to daily life. Readings will span psychology, neurology, self-help, and writing disciplines.  Projects will include writing as well as video or audio recordings. Anyone interested in mindfulness or strategies for inviting calm and self-management should enroll!

ENG 621G: Minoritized U.S Dialects (Emily Olsen)
CRN 4016, 4 credits, online, 06/01-07/02

This interdisciplinary course explores American thought as it manifests itself in literature, arts, music, philosophy, historiography, and culture. The course focuses on ideas and themes in American studies that cut across the disciplines and time periods: for example, concepts of progress, the frontier, pragmatism, and individualism.   May be repeated under different topics.

This section of American Studies will focus on Minoritized Dialects of the US, including Black English, Latinx English, and Chicanx English. We will first take a linguistic approach to examine these varieties of language, and explore their history and context in the US.  We will then explore their use in literature and media, and consider the policies and laws that influence and affect their status, ultimately working towards a deeper understanding and analysis of their role in contemporary American culture and society.