Other Scholarships

Missouri MOST Scholarship
Have you contributed to a Missouri MOST account? You may be selected for a Missouri MOST scholarship from Truman. To learn more, check out MOST Scholarship.

Bulldog Financial Literacy’s External Scholarships
Monthly lists of external scholarship opportunities for current Truman students, as well as tips for finding good scholarships.

Balanced Man Scholarship
The Balanced Man Scholarship from the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity recognizes those who exhibit a “Sound mind and body in the pursuit of becoming a balanced man.” It is available to all incoming freshmen males, and applicants are not required to affiliate or have interest in joining a fraternity. Scholarship recipients will be awarded a one-time scholarship for $250-$1000.

Army ROTC Scholarships
Army ROTC offers 4-, 3-, and 2-year scholarships that are awarded to qualified students based on merit, not financial need. High school seniors can apply for either a 3- or 4-year scholarship. Current college students can apply for either a 2- or 3-year scholarship. Army ROTC scholarships pay for:

  • Tuition or room and board on or off campus
  • Books — $1,200 yearly book allowance
  • Most college fees

For additional information, please contact Mr. Justin Hirniak, 660-785-4453, jhirniak@truman.edu.

Additional Scholarship Tools
There are a number of sites you can find additional scholarship information from. Below are just a few that you may choose to use when trying to lower your cost to attend college.

Prizes and Awards Characterized as Scholarships:
The Department of Education considers payments or winnings because of enrollment at a postsecondary institution or for the purpose of aiding a student’s study, training, or research as scholarships or fellowships. These amounts are not taxable to the student to the extent they are used to pay tuition and required fees. Payments or winnings won in a contest are considered a scholarship, if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The recipient is required to use the disbursement for educational purposes
  • The recipient is eligible to receive the funding because he/she is a student
  • The contest is related to the student’s university courses or degree completion

Per federal financial aid regulations, cash-based ‘prize’ scholarships (including gift cards) awarded to students are considered scholarships, and the value of these scholarships should run through the student’s fee bill.

Prizes and Awards Characterized as Other Income:
When the payment to a student does not meet any of the conditions mentioned above, the payment or winnings would be considered a prize and not a scholarship. The value of a prize is considered taxable income to the recipient and may require Truman State University to report the value of the prize to federal and state revenue agencies if the value of the prize is $600 or greater. Tax withholding is required when the prize is given to a nonresident alien for tax purposes but no income tax withholding is required if the prize is awarded to a U.S. citizen or resident alien.