Freshman Competitive Scholarships

Admission + Scholarships = One Application

Truman does not require a separate scholarship application for competitive scholarships, saving you the time and the hassle of finding a scholarship you qualify for. All materials that you submit with your application for admission are reviewed in the competitive scholarship selection process. Competitive scholarship selections occur December through early February.  Submit your admission essay and activities list prior to December 1 for maximum consideration.

Competitive ScholarshipsQualifications for ConsiderationAward Amount(s)
General John J. PershingTop candidates have exceptional academic and co-curricular accomplishments and are typically in the top 3% of their HS class with ACT or SAT scores in the top 3% nationally. Must be accepted by Dec. 1 for consideration.Twelve awards annually. Covers tuition, some fees, and average on-campus room and meal plan annually, plus a one-time $4,000 study abroad stipend. Supersedes other Truman funded awards.
President John R. Kirk ScholarshipCandidates have exceptional academic and co-curricular accomplishments and are typically in the top 5% of Truman applicants. Must be accepted by Dec. 1 for consideration.Estimated at $13,000 annually for in-state students and $18,000 annually for out-of-state students. Supersedes other Truman funded awards.
Harry S. Truman LeadershipMissouri residents who demonstrate impactful classroom, school and/or community leadership. Designed to invest in the development of tomorrow’s leaders, recognizing the value of diverse contributions in Truman’s community.Limited number of $12,000 per year awards granted annually that assist with tuition and on-campus room and meal plan costs, plus a 4 year leadership development program. Supersedes other Truman-funded awards.

Make Your Application Stand Out

Although not required for our automatic scholarship review, to be eligible to be considered for our most highly competitive scholarships, such as the General John J. Pershing Scholarship, President John R. Kirk Scholarship, and Harry S. Truman Leadership Scholarship students must complete an essay and activities list by December 1. To make sure that you receive consideration for your best scholarship package, please submit your document(s) with your admission application or to

Competitive Review

The Competitive Scholarship review process begins on December 1. Only students who have submitted all of their application materials by December 1 will be considered for competitive scholarships. Competitive awards supersede other Truman funded scholarships. All competitive scholarships are renewable according to our Scholarship Renewal Guidelines.

But I’m A Transfer Student

Transfer students are eligible for a number of competitive awards, too! Head over to our transfer scholarships page to learn about requirements and when you should complete your transfer application.


Having this extra money will allow me to get that much closer to my goal of becoming a veterinarian so that I can spend more time studying and not working. I have had lots of experience around animals and have worked in a vet clinic for over three years. Working there reassured me that vet school can be attainable if I set my mind to it and work hard enough and with this scholarship, I am that much closer.

Noah E., Recipient of the President’s Honorary Scholarship