Transfer Student Application

With you every step of the way

Whether you started at a community college or another four-year school, we’re here to help you take your next step and every step after.

What You'll Need to Apply

Your application should consider your interests, talents, and accomplishments. The required admission materials depend on how many transferable college credit hours you’ve completed after high school.

13 or more hours of transferable credit taken after high school:

  • College transcripts
  • Essay (optional)
  • Resume/Activities List (optional/recommended)

Less than 12 hours of transferable credit taken after high school:

  • High school transcripts
  • ACT and/or SAT scores (optional)
  • Essay (optional)
  • Resume/Activities List (optional/recommended)

College transcripts

  • Provide official transcripts for each institution you have attended since high school.
    • If you took any dual credit classes in high school, please contact those institutions to send us your official transcript from there as well.

High school transcripts

Required if you have less than 12 hours of transferable credit post-high school

  • If you haven’t completed 12 hours of college-level coursework, high school transcripts are required at time of application.

ACT or SAT score

Required if you have less than 12 hours of transferable credit post-high school

  • You can submit an ACT and/or SAT score to be considered as part of your admission review.
    • If you’re applying to be a nursing major, you must submit your test score.
    • You’ll need to have your scores sent directly from the testing agency or your high school.

Essay (optional)

You can personalize your application with a 1-3 page essay. All students are strongly encouraged to submit an essay for competitive scholarship review.

Option 1:
Describe the qualities that attract you to Truman and why you’re interested in transferring. Feel free to include your academic interests and the reasons you want to pursue specific areas of study.

Option 2:
There’s something profoundly intriguing about the telling of a journey – whether it be about travels to interesting places, personal discovery, a walk through a forest, or the realization of lifelong dreams. Tell us about a journey – real, imagined, or metaphorical.

Option 3:  
Each of us is unique, and everyone belongs to different communities and groups. Share your story.

Activities list or resume (optional/recommended)

An activities list or resume is strongly encouraged for competitive scholarship review. You can upload your Activities List within the application, email it after submission, or mail it to the Office of Admission.

Have you already taken college classes at Truman?

If you’ve taken classes at Truman as a college student (not a high school student), you should complete our Returning Student Form instead of the transfer application.

When to Apply

The best dates to apply for admission are based on the semester you want to start at Truman.

Fall Start (August)

Apply by May 1
for fullest scholarship consideration

Spring Start (January)

Apply by
December 1

After You've Applied

After we have received all of your admission materials, you should hear back from us in about 2-3 weeks. Check for an email from Truman.

Additional Information

  • Use our Course Equivalency Guide to see how classes you’ve taken or plan to take will transfer to Truman.
  • We encourage you to request a complimentary unofficial evaluation of your credits before you apply so you know how your credits will transfer.
  • When you apply to Truman, please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for the official credit evaluation process.
If you plan to pursue a nursing major (BSN or ABSN), you will also need to submit a nursing application to apply for entry into the nursing major. See more information about admission to nursing program.

Contact Admission

Admission for Transfer Programs
Ruth W. Towne Museum and Visitors Center
(660) 785-4114