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Master of Arts in Counseling: Rehabilitation Counseling

America needs qualified Rehabilitation Counselors, and enrolling in Truman’s Master of Arts in Counseling will put you on a path toward meeting this significant unmet need. This program is geared toward providing rehabilitation and vocational services for clients with disabilities as Certified Rehabilitation Counselors.

While the job prospects for licensed counselors are great, the true satisfaction that comes from working in this field is the knowledge that you are impacting lives in a truly meaningful way.  As a counselor, you are on the front line in addressing the needs of people in the greatest need of emotional and psychological aid.  You will help them work through important life decisions, adopt positive habits, and navigate personal challenges.  Building a rapport with clients, you will experience the joy of seeing people transition from a place of trouble and distress to a place of relative clarity and new-found positivity.  While not all problems are easily overcome for those you will serve, you will end each day knowing you helped people move their life forward.

Truman’s Rehabilitation Counseling program focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions involved in becoming a reflective practitioner in the art and science of counseling. To assist counselors-in-training in this process, particular attention is give to the counseling relationship; cultural awareness; skill development; ethical and reflective practice; and wellness, prevention, and intervention.