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July 6, 2021. Not all chairs will be returned to rooms by this date but will be by returned by the beginning of fall semester.

Yes.  You will need to supply disposable masks to visitors if this is a requirement.
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In general, no. However, some situations – such as participation in certain nursing clinicals, or possibly athletics – may require proof of vaccination. In the event a student is not able to receive a vaccine for medical or religious reasons, the circumstances of their situation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

While it is unlikely campus would need to be closed, Truman demonstrated throughout the pandemic it is capable of pivoting when necessary to provide a quality academic experience in a safe way. Most residential students would likely return home. Those students with no viable alternative off-campus housing option (that are still registered for courses) would be able to remain in on-campus housing.

As always, any student with financial concerns is encouraged to meet with the Financial Aid Department to review their individual options.

No. All classrooms will return to normal or typical occupancy. Safety requirements are always required in specific laboratories and will continue.

Some. Truman offers a variety of courses online, however, faculty are not required to provide a virtual option.

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Last modified: Nov. 4, 2021