Social Sciences and Human Inquiry is a multi- and interdisciplinary department that houses faculty and students who bring different approaches to studying the history and contemporary state of human ideas and social and cultural institutions, structures, and organizations. We investigate a vast array of questions using social science and humanities research methodologies to gather and analyze the evidence upon which conclusions and interpretations about historical and modern human interactions are based.

Academic Programs

Multidimensional Learning Environment

Supportive Learning Community

Faculty members encourage students to explore their interests. The professors in this close-knit community are known for their extensive work in specialty areas and have received numerous awards in recognition of their service to students. They offer expert advice on academic issues and guide students on the next step, whether it be graduate school, professional school, or a job in government or the private sector.

History interns


Internships provide students real-world, hands-on job experience. Our programs offer internship placements with a wide variety of institutional partners from libraries and museums to state and federal government to law enforcement and conservation agencies, and many more.

Student Research Conference

Student Research and Projects

Students can undertake research focused on their area of interest, independently or working closely with a faculty mentor, and present their work at regional conferences, department sponsored events, or Truman's Student Research Conference. Grants are available through the department or Truman’s Office of Student Research to support travel for both student research and its presentation.

Forensics Team

Student Organizations

Students wishing to develop their passions alongside other students with similar interests can get involved with department and campus groups. The Social Sciences and Human Inquiry department is home to various student groups and affiliated clubs: The Historical Society, Students for Social Change, and the Anthropology Club, among others. Department faculty advise or support many other student organizations and local chapters of national organizations including Student Government, Mock Trial, Phi Beta Kappa, and Phi Alpha Theta.

Study abroad in China

Study Abroad

Students can travel to countries all around the world to study and earn credits that contribute to their course of study at Truman. All Social Sciences and Human Inquiry programs strongly encourage interested students to embrace the opportunity to study abroad because our flexible programs mean you don’t have to choose between studying abroad and graduating on time. Where you go and what you can study is bounded only by your imagination.

Student Union Building

Experiential Learning

Social Sciences and Human Inquiry students can participate in a variety of experiential and service learning opportunities. Some of the most educational (and fun!) are Model United Nations, Archeology field schools, and Missouri’s Western District Court of Appeals.