The sociology and anthropology major provides you with a practical understanding of the diverse social and cultural world that we inhabit. Sociology focuses more on large-scale, industrialized societies. Anthropology emphasizes smaller-scale societies and long-term patterns of biological and cultural change.

Careers Pathways


Professional Adaptability

A sociology/anthropology degree provides you with a comprehensive base for both graduate school and work. With broad areas of study and application, this major prepares you for a world of opportunity in corporations, government agencies, social service institutions, non-profit organizations, law enforcement agencies, and more.

Featured Courses

Using the major sociological theories to focus on the causes and consequences of social problems, you investigate the formal structures and interactive processes that contribute to these societal concerns.
Draw on anthropological perspectives to appreciate and explore the vast cultural diversity of our species.
Sharpen your skills at asking questions and proposing explanations of social issues through a study of how your predecessors in sociology critically examined society. By reading and analyzing the work of classical and more contemporary theorists, you can learn about what it means to study the social world through theoretical questions.
Learn about the logic of social research and the methods and techniques most commonly used by sociologists and anthropologists to gather data, such as sampling, survey research, secondary data analysis, content analysis, interviewing, and qualitative fieldwork.
Explore analytical techniques needed to complete research projects and learn how to manage data and conduct analyses.

Opportunities and Experiences



You can participate in immersive internships experiences that cover a broad range of interests. Previous internships sites include:

  • Adair County Historical Society
  • Adair County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
  • City of Kirksville
  • Food for Kids
  • Kirksville High School Counseling Office
  • Lewelling Quaker Museum
  • Missouri Department of Social Services, Children’s Division
  • Rural Community Workers’ Alliance
  • Twin Pines Adult Care Center
  • Public Defenders Office
  • Hospice NEMO

Student Research Conference


In the Sociology/Anthropology program, you can develop a research idea that focuses on your particular area of interest and present your work at the Student Research Conference held on campus. Sociology/anthropology students have also presented research at national meetings like the Honors Program of the American Sociological Association and the American Anthropological Association.

Girl standing on a rock overlooking a city

Global Engagement

As part of a study-abroad program sponsored by the department, you can earn credit while spending four weeks in Chile.


Get Involved

Getting involved with the Anthropology Club and Students for Social Change or other clubs across campus can help you get a jumpstart on developing a strong professional network.


Supportive Learning Environment

As a student in the Sociology/Anthropology program, you learn from professors who are professionals in their fields with a reputation for offering excellence in academic advising and mentoring.

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