Sociology/Anthropology Major

Study Abroad in Chile

A boat on water with a snow-capped mountain in backgroundExplore the Culture of Southern Chile’s Archipelago of Chiloé

Many sociology/anthropology students at Truman participate in study-abroad experiences. One study-abroad course developed by department faculty is a four-week trip to Chile led by Dr. Anton Daughters, Assistant Professor of Anthropology.

Offered during the December-January winter break every other year, “Globalization and Culture Change” (CHI 401: Chile Study Abroad) gives students on-site immersion (through home stays and participant observation fieldwork) into the culture of southern Chile’s Archipelago of Chiloé. It also includes stays in Santiago and Puerto Varas.

For more information, contact Dr. Anton Daughters.

Students in Chile

Person in a boat on large body of water with land in background