Meals for Off-Campus Students

On-campus students can purchase any meal plan except for the off-campus plans. All meal plans are available to off-campus students. The purchase of a meal plan will be available online for fall and spring semesters.  You may access the website by clicking on the “Purchase an Off-Campus Meal Plan” link in the Student Finances channel on the Student tab in TruView.

Meal Plan Options

Bonus Bucks

The Bonus Bucks program is another option for students who want to purchase food or additional meals in the residence hall dining rooms or the Student Union Building.  Bonus Bucks may also be used to purchase items in the campus convenience stores. Bonus Bucks are sold in increments of $25, $50, or $100 in the food service contractor’s office in the Student Union Building., or online at

Students who have excess Truman academic scholarships living in Campbell Apartments may purchase a meal plan by calling the Residence Life Office at 660.785.4227.  Students who live off-campus are not eligible to use excess Truman academic scholarship toward  the purchase of Bonus Bucks or an off-campus meal plan.  However, the meal plan may be purchased online via TruView (instructions above).