History Graduates: 2006-2010

Where are they now?

What do our history graduates do after leaving Truman? Here is a partial listing. Please send additions, corrections, and updates to history@truman.edu.


Maggie Abbott (BA, 2008). She received her Masters in Museum and Gallery Studies from the University of St. Andrews in 2010. She spent a couple of years as  Registrar and Assistant Curator at the Parthenon in Nashville, TN, and is now the Registrar at the World Chess Hall of Fame in St Louis, MO.

Mallori Allen (BA, 2009). She is currently working in Americorps in the St. Louis area. She is working in communities-legal projects and plans to go to law school later on.

Gabe Baker (BA, 2008). He entered the Ph.D. program in ancient history at the University of Iowa with a five year aid package.

Chad Baldwin (BS, 2006). I am currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Lindenwood University.

Matthew Bausch (BS/BA 1996; MA, 2006). He is a Major in the US Army 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia.

Sarah Bell (2010) attended University of Kansas where she earned an MA in Museum Studies (2012) and a PhD in History (2019). She is currently the Development Officer at Watkins Museum of History.

Brandt Bell (BA, 2008; MAE 2009). Brandt teaches American History, AP United States History, and is part of the AVID program at Park Hill High School in addition to being the Varsity Soccer Coach.

Aimee Berg (BS, 2006; MAE, 2007). So happy to hear things are going well in Kirksville. I would be extremely interested in doing some study abroad trips, probably something between a week and two weeks since I would have to take vacation from work, but I can work out whatever. I know most people are teachers and have summers off so I would just have to know when and where but definitely sign me up. I think I could handle a France, or England, or Russian, or Turkey or even back to Germany. Since I had to do all the sightseeing on my own, I am sure I missed some pretty spectacular stuff. Or anywhere in Europe, or pretty much anywhere. I was just thinking that it has been two years since I left for Germany and got to spend time with Dr. Reschly and Dr. Rose overseas. Keep me updated and on the list and I will do the same for you.

Stephen C. Blake (BS, 2006). He is a sixth-grade Social Studies teacher in the Fort Zumwalt school district in O’Fallon, MO, introducing students to the wonderful world of Geography. He is close to finishing up his Masters degree in Education and plans to go on for his Ph.D. in the next few years.

Elizabeth Carrington (BA, 2006). During my time at Truman I served as an intern at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum. After graduating from Truman, I completed a masters in History and Museum Studies and a graduate certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Missouri – St. Louis, had a 2-year internship at the Missouri History Museum working with exhibit development, and a 1-year internship with the Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library working in archives. After graduate school I worked as a Park Guide for the National Park Service at Harry S Truman National Historic Site in Independence, MO for 1 year. I am presently working as an Archivist for the National Archives at Kansas City through the Archivist Development Program (ADP).

Ben Church (BA, 2008). Since graduating in May (2008), I have been working on my Master of Divinity at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis with plans to enter vocational Christian ministry. My wife, Kim, is a nurse at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Looking forward to further updates from the History Department at Truman!

Kristen Clements (BA, 2008). She is serving in the Peace Corps in Central Asia.

Adam Conway (BA, 2010) studied abroad in South Africa and Costa Rica before graduating Truman. Then he became Program Coordinator, 2010-12, for Chicago HOPES, an organization serving homeless youth. Since 2012 he has been a graduate student at University of Chicago, pursuing a degree in sociology. He is also Graduate Assistant at the Office of LGBTQ Student Life, University of Chicago.

Katie Cooper (BA, 2006). Thanks to your wonderful letter of recommendation I was accepted to Princeton Theological Seminary. I will graduate in May 2010 with my Masters in Divinity. Currently I am doing a yearlong internship in Groomsport Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland. After Princeton I hope to get a job in college ministry (what that looks like I don’t know yet). I am also working on my ordination in the UCC church.

Kara Drury (BS, 2009)  earned  Masters in Information Science & Learning Technologies, Library Science, at University of Missouri-Columbia in 2014. She is currently Branch Manager at Mid-Continent Public Library in Kansas City.

Dan DuBois (BA, 2007). He was awarded a 5-year assistantship at the University of Colorado-Boulder to study for a PhD in American diplomatic history (with a focus on US-Chinese relations).

Kevin Dyke (BA, 2007) worked at the Newberry Library in Chicago, and is finishing his PhD in Geography at the University of Minnesota.

Benjamin Friesen (BA, 2010). I was accepted to law schools at UMKC, KU, MU, Iowa, Colorado, and Drake. After being offered substantial scholarships at KU and MU, I was named a finalist for 1 of 2 full tuition + stipend AND summer abroad scholarships at UMKC! Although I did not receive the scholarship, I really liked all that UMKC had to offer, and am very excited to be enrolling in their Law School this fall as a 2nd Century Scholar; a program that provides an $18k scholarship to students showing potential to be leaders in the legal profession.

Erica Flanagan (2007) acquired a Masters in Library and Information Science from Mizzou in 2010 while completing various internships and student appointments in the archives of the Truman Presidential Library, the Missouri State Archives, Johnson County Museum of History, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. She is currently an archivist at Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis, MO, working with the artifact, document, and film collections.

Emily Gebhardt (BA, 2007). After I graduated in the spring of 2007, I went on to Tulane University Law School as a member of the class of 2010. I would be interested in an abroad program for alumni. I think a week would be best. I’d be interested in going anywhere, but in particular Russia, Egypt, Europe, or Macchu Picchu come to mind.

Tim Gerhart (BA, 2007). He is studying at the School of International Service at American University.

Daniel Glossenger (2008; MAE 2009) earned an D.Ed. from UMSL in 2020 and currently teaches in the Clayton, Missouri school district.

Claire Grothe (BA, 2008). After graduating from the Cooperstown Graduate Program in May 2010 with a MA in Museum Studies, I helped to implement the IMLS-funded Family Learning Project at Boston’s USS Constitution Museum. When that position ended, I returned to my hometown of St. Louis last spring. Soon thereafter I was hired as the Program Coordinator at the World Chess Hall of Fame, which opened in September 2011 and is located in the city’s amazing Central West End. Being in charge of all things related to education and public programs, I’m keeping busy, but it’s been an incredible experience to build an organization from the ground up. Our mission is to explore the artistic and cultural context of chess, and in doing so, we hope to appeal to a broad audience, regardless of their chess interest/abilities. Long story short, there’s a lot to see here for history and art history buffs, and if any Truman students or alums happen to be in the neighborhood, definitely stop by and check us out.

Kevin Hansen (2007) earned an MAE from Truman in 2008. He is currently Senior Level Designer at Wargaming in the United Kingdom.

Todd Hawotte (BA, 2006). After graduation, May 2006, I worked as a manager for Wal-Mart until last fall. In September ‘07 I began working for the Department of Defense as an Equipment Specialist for the Tank Automotive Armament Command (TACOM). I was hired as an intern on a GS 07/09/11 path. The weapon system that I primarily work with is the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. I have been traveling the around the country for the DoD, and soon will be traveling abroad. Not only do I love my career, but I feel that it is my niche in life. Many people ask me, “how did a history major get into that career field?” I learned quite a bit while at Truman that has helped me do what I do, the ability to research and critically think comes in handy many times. There is a program through my particular department which will pay for me to get my Masters while I continue to work; I plan on enrolling after my internship period ends in 2010.

Danielle (Schallom) Herbst (2008) earned an MA in Museum Professions at Seton Hall University and is currently Visitor Services Associate and Education Assistant at Historic Annapolis.

Kristin (Hohmeier) Roberts (BA, 2007). I completed my MA in History with an emphasis on Public and American History from George Mason University in August 2010. I spent some time working for the National Park Service’s Heritage Education Services department under a Secretary Salazar Fellowship, and I am now currently working as a high school social studies teacher at an independent school in the DC area.

Kyle Horst (2009) was Deputy Director of Kirksville Housing Authority, 2009-12; he is founder and lead designer of Kirksville Web Design.

Justin Johnson (BS, 2005; MAE soon). I am getting ready to start student teaching at Kirksville High School with the intentions of teaching history anywhere from 6th to 12th grades when I’m done.

Joseph Jones (BS, 2006). I am currently attending graduate school at UMKC. I took Dr. Reschly’s history of sexuality class in 2004 and still refer to my Foucault. I look forward to the newsletter, thank you.

Adrien Keables (BA, 2008). She worked as a guide at Glacier National Park during the summer 2008, and then had an internship at Fort Sumter for 2008-2009.

Jenna Kearns (BA, 2006). After graduation (’06), I worked for two years as a proofreader/citation verifier for the Supreme Court Reporter of Decisions in Illinois (located in Bloomington, IL). I am now a first-year at Saint Louis University School of Law.

Brandon Kimble (BA, 2010) was awarded the JD from University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law and became Associate Attorney for Corporate and Entrepreneurial Law, Mann Law, Kansas City, Missouri.

Kara Kirchherr (BA, 2007). I am currently working in early childhood education as an infant/toddler teacher at University City Children’s Center in St. Louis. I would personally be very interested in alumni study abroad trips. Anywhere from a week or two would be best, as any longer makes it hard to take the time off work. Anywhere would be great! I would love to see more Greece, Italy, and Germany trips like have been done already, maybe Eastern Europe or South America. Other areas would also be great!

Amanda Klaus (BA, 2008). My news is pretty much the same, I’m attending UMSL in the Museum Studies Program and loving it! I’m making some great contacts in the museum world and getting the opportunity to learn some things that go beyond what I ever imagined. The History department at UMSL isn’t so bad either.

Also, I’m very very interested in study abroad programs. Greece would be amazing, really anywhere in Europe would be amazing but I would especially LOVE to go to Russia! Maybe Dr. West could get in on that? Now that I’ve been to Egypt I’ve got my sights on Russia for my next dream trip.

Tyson Koenig (BA, 2010, with minor in English and Latin) studied Archives and Records Management and Preservation of Information and received the Master of Science in Information from University of Michigan in 2012. Among other places, he has interned at the Library of Congress and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. In July 2012 he became Archivist, Paper Archives, at Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, Mississippi.

David Kreidler (BA, 2006). He worked at the Jesse James Farm in Kearney for several years prior to graduating from Truman and was a Truman Presidential Museum and Library Intern in 2005. During the summer of 2004, he attended the Southeast Missouri Historical Preservation Field School. He completed his Masters in Museum Studies in May 2009 at the Cooperstown Graduate Program, in Cooperstown, New York, and is now working as associate curator of exhibits at the Durham Museum in Omaha.

Thomas Lecaque (BA, 2008). He earned an MA in English at Truman in 2020 and a PhD in Byzantine history at the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 2016. He is currently an Associate Professor at Grand View University.

Jesse Leong (BS, 2007) is Systems Coordinator at MCCS, a St. Louis area bank.

Ryan Lewis (2007) earned a master’s in Public Policy (international economics) from the University of Maryland, in 2009. He is currently Senior Practice Manager – AI/ML National Security at Amazon Web Services.

Tammy (Haun) Linderman (BA, 2008). I just started working at The Benson Law Firm, LLC, here in Kirksville as a Legal Assistant. That is not exactly what I had planned to do as my career, but I am still working on that. As for your last request, I would be very interested in a Study Abroad Program, for about two weeks, to Greece, Italy, Egypt… really any place. Dr. Rose was my amazing advisor!! Please tell her Hello!!

Peter McCall (BA, May 2009) finishes Drexel University Law School (Philadelphia) in May 2013 and will afterward be employed as a Judicial Law Clerk in the New Jersey Superior Court in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Elizabeth (Robinson) Meyer (BA, 2006). She is attending Drake University Law School. Her studies were funded by the Opperman Scholarship, which provided for full tuition and a $10,000 per year stipend. After taking the Iowa bar exam in July 2009, she will join the litigation division of the Davis Brown Law Firm in Des Moines, Iowa.

Greg Mueller (BA, 2006). He is attending the University of San Francisco law school.

Cassie Mundt (BA, 2008). I graduated from Truman in December of 2008 with a bachelors of art in history and business administration, marketing concentration, and a minor in Spanish. After internships and jobs with the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, the Johnson County Museum, the A.T. Still Museum, and the National Archives at Kansas City, I decided to pursue a masters degree in museum studies. After researching programs throughout the United States, I applied to the Cooperstown Graduate Program, affiliated with the State University of New York at Oneonta. During their interview weekend, while sitting with the director of the program during lunch, I mentioned Truman State offhand and she replied, “Oh, so you’re the Truman girl.” As I will be the third Truman graduate in a row to attend the highly selective program, we have quite a wonderful reputation that spreads as far as Cooperstown, New York.

Starting June 2011, I will be Marketing Manager at the Museum of the Earth. The museum is the educational arm of the Paleontological Research Institute and has only been open for 8 years. They serve a wide constituency and have many exciting events occurring over the next three years: they recently acquired a nearby Nature Center, next year they will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the director, and the following year they will be revamping the permanent exhibitions including installing a life size, interactive glacier! There are also huge untapped markets, especially with the two colleges in town: Cornell U. and Ithaca College.

Eric Paden (BA, 2006). He has been coaching swimming at Truman and was admitted to MA in History program at UMKC.

Katherine Palazzolo (BA, 2009?) graduated Case Western Reserve University School of Law and became Post-Graduate Legal Fellow at The Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia.

Lauren Pey (BA, 2009). I finally made my decision about where to attend grad school, and am currently at Simmons College, in Boston. I’m in their Library Science program, with a concentration in archives. I really like it out here, and the program is really great. Last semester I had an internship with Massachusetts Historical Society, processing a collection of documents relating to the town of Groton, MA. It was a really fantastic internship, especially since some of the documents dated back to 1645!

Audrey Ploesser (2010) earned an MAE from Truman in 2011. She is a teacher and 10th grade-level coordinator  at the Whitfield School in St Louis.

Shahr Rezaiekhaligh (2008; MAE 2009) teaches social studies in 7th and 8th grades in Lee’s Summit.

Travis Sewell (BA, 2007). He is studying for an MA in United States History at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Ryan Stander (BA, 2010) is a graduate student in history at University of Missouri Columbia.

Julie Super (née Meyer) (2010) has just completed a masters in Conflict, Security and Development (with a thesis on Chechnya) at King’s College in London, UK. The summer of 2012 she did a research internship in Washington, D.C, and now is off to South Korea to teach English (her husband is serving in the military there). Before the UK, she also worked for the World Food Program. While at Truman, Julie took the initiative to study Arabic and do a study abroad in Morocco.

Will Tollerton (BS, 2006). I am currently employed at the Museum of Missouri Military History in Jefferson City. It took me two years after graduation to land a job specifically in the history/museum field. My main duties are preservation and cataloging of the museum artifacts, which mainly deal with the history of the Missouri National Guard. Prior to this, I spent about a year and a half volunteering at the Pershing Boyhood Home SHS in Laclede, MO. This gave me some valuable real world experience with historical preservation.

Keith Watson (BA, 2008). He has just begun law school at Washington University in St. Louis, with a merit scholarship.

Lindee Weese (BA, 2006) is at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln law school where she is getting a dual degree in with a Masters in History. She is a TA for the University in a Latin American History class, and is hoping to pursue museum law. She’s stayed active in ancient history by giving papers and she has an essay in the works, “A Good Woman Lies Here,” on grave stele and erotica in Greece that she’ll be submitting for publication soon (originally her capstone paper for Torbjörn Wandel).

Kurtis Werner (BS, 2006; MAE, 2008). I am doing well (not sleeping much), but doing well as a true first year teacher at Clayton High School in Clayton, Missouri. I did a full-year, paid, internship at the high school last year and got lucky with a high school social studies position. I am teaching US/World History I and US/World History II to freshmen and sophomores.

Philip Wire (2008; MAE 2009) teaches 6th grade science in Bowling Green.

Ashley Young (2007)  is Assistant City Manager at City of Kirksville, Missouri.