Board of Governors Officers & Committees

Truman State University Board of Governors

Board Officers

Board Committees

Academic and Student Affairs

Budget and Capital Projects

Finance and Auditing

Honorary Degrees

  • Laura A. Crandall, Committee Chair
  • Nancy Gingrich
  • Mike McClaskey
  • Tiffany Middlemas, Student Representative to the Board of Governors
  • Jennifer Kopp Dameron, ex officio
  • At-large Faculty Members (2) (selected by Faculty Senate):  William Ashcraft, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, and Candy Young, Professor of Political Science
  • At-large Student (selected by Student Government):  Keaton Leppanen
  • Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost:  Janet Gooch
  • Faculty Senate President:  L. Scott Alberts, Professor of Mathematics, ex officio

Members of the Truman State University Foundation Board of Directors