Equine Science Specialization

At Truman, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science with specialized study in equine science.

Courses of Special Interest for Equine Specialization

  • AGSC 152: Horsemanship Level I (may only be taken as a free elective)
  • AGSC 153: Horsemanship Level II (may only be taken as a free elective)
  • AGSC 154: Horsemanship Level III (may only be taken as a free elective)
  • AGSC 193: Introduction to Equine Science
  • AGSC 252: Horse Training Techniques
  • AGSC 391/392: Internship in Agriculture
  • AGSC 301: Special Problems in Equine Science
  • AGSC 310: Forage Crops
  • AGSC 320: Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
  • AGSC 321: Animal Nutrition
  • AGSC 322: Animal Health
  • AGSC 327: Genetics of Plant and Animal Improvement
  • AGSC 352: Animal Reproduction
  • AGSC 353: Equine Reproduction Practicum
  • AGSC 342: Agricultural Entrepreneurship
  • AGSC 375: Equine Science
  • AGSC 422: Grazing Animal Ecology
  • AGSC 423: Physiology of Lactation
  • AGSC 441: Agricultural Research
  • AGSC 442: Agricultural Research
  • AGSC 443: Agricultural Research
  • AGSC 429: Domestic Animal Behavior
  • JINS 343: The Horse in Art, Science and History


Equine-oriented students have the opportunity to conduct research in the areas of equine reproduction, growth-related equine nutritional studies, and research related to equestrian activities.


At Truman, you can participate in internships at off-campus sites, within the equine industry in the U.S. or abroad. Internships give the opportunity to learn more about the equine industry and gain increased hands-on experience with horses.

Additional Options Within the Equine Program

There are several ways to get involved with the Equine Program here at Truman, and plenty of opportunitiesĀ to have hands-on work with our horses in the herd of approximately 30 maintained on our University Farm.

Career Opportunities

There is no end to the career opportunities the horse industry has to offer.

For More Information

Kelly Walter
Magruder Hall 3084
100 East Normal
Kirksville, Missouri 63501


I’m continually impressed at the numerous research opportunities available to Truman students. This provides a huge advantage to students interested in pursuing graduate studies.

Kelly Walter, Associate Professor of Agricultural Science