Animal Science Specialization

At Truman, you can earn a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science with specialized study in animal science.

Courses of special interest for Animal Science Specialization

  • AGSC 121: Livestock Management Techniques
  • AGSC 122: Introductory Meat Science
  • AGSC 193: Introduction to Equine Science
  • AGSC 391/392: Internship in Agriculture
  • AGSC 306: Special Topics in Sheep Production
  • AGSC 306: Special Topics in Beef Cattle Science
  • AGSC 306: Special Topics in Livestock Evaluation
  • AGSC 315: Animal Agriculture
  • AGSC 316: Food, Fiber and the Consumer
  • AGSC 320: Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
  • AGSC 321: Animal Nutrition
  • AGSC 322: Animal Health
  • AGSC 327: Genetics of Plant and Animal Improvement
  • AGSC 352: Animal Reproduction
  • AGSC 353: Equine Reproduction Practicum
  • AGSC 354: Bovine Reproduction Practicum
  • AGSC 355: Ovine Reproduction Practicum
  • AGSC 375: Equine Exercise Physiology
  • AGSC 422: Grazing Animal Ecology
  • AGSC 423: Physiology of Lactation
  • AGSC 427: Swine Management Science
  • AGSC 429: Domestic Animal Behavior


As an undergraduate student at Truman, you can explore exciting research opportunities. Animal science faculty, assisted by their undergraduate research assistants, engage in a wide variety areas of investigation that include manipulation of sex ratio outcomes for super-ovulated beef cows; concentrating the polled gene in full-blood Gelbvieh cattle; evaluating new varieties of warm season grasses and legumes for summer grazing beef cattle; effects of varying mineral concentrations on reproductive performance of grazing beef cows; comparison of pelvic shape versus calving ease of several breeds of beef cows; and evaluation of co-product feeds for beef cattle and sheep.


Gain valuable hands-on experience while you test your skills and knowledge through internships at off-campus sites in research, agri-business, or with governmental agencies. Internships are also available in other parts of the U.S. or abroad.

For More Information

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