Agricultural Science Research

Truman State University prides itself in involving students in research, and agricultural science majors can pursue a wide variety of undergraduate research opportunities. The close proximity of the University Farm to Truman’s campus enhances the opportunities for students to conduct agricultural science research.

Enhance Your Academic Understanding Through Research

You can conduct research on topics such as beef cattle, sheep, horses, crops (mostly corn), pumpkins, horticultural crops, soil conservation, agricultural economics, rural sociology, or other topics that intrigue you. Equine-oriented students have the opportunity to conduct equine science research ranging from reproduction, to growth-related nutritional studies, to research related to equestrian activities.

It is our strongly held conviction that all Americans should understand the agricultural roots of our society and—maybe even more importantly—have an understanding of where their food comes from. Most of our faculty also teach AGSC 100, Agriculture, a course designed to educate non-majors about agriculture. As a component of this class students do a semester-long research project that involves the development of hypotheses, the design of an experiment to test their hypotheses, the gathering of data from their experiment, and the statistical testing of their data to hopefully reach a meaningful conclusion about their hypotheses.

Many students also present their research at Truman’s Students Research Conference held on campus each year.

Equine Research


University Farm


I’m continually impressed at the numerous research opportunities available to Truman students. This provides a huge advantage to students interested in pursuing graduate studies.

Kelly Walter, Associate Professor of Agricultural Science