Pre-Veterinary Studies

Pre-Vet Studies at Truman State UniversityPreparation for veterinary school is a challenging journey you can begin at Truman State University. As a pre-veterinary student at Truman, you have the opportunity to obtain the essential academic competencies needed to be successful in veterinary school.

Choose Your Own Path for Pre-Veterinary

Each major available at Truman offers different strengths and variation in your approach to healthcare—this means you have the freedom to design your educational experience by selecting a major that matches your particular academic interests or career goals. Most pre-veterinary students choose to major in Biology or Agricultural Science.

Get Personal Attention from Your Pre-Veterinary Advisor

We want you to have everything you need to make sure you’re on the right path and to help you succeed.  Get expert guidance from your own pre-veterinary advisor on courses, research projects, study abroad, and co-curricular activities. Have questions? Consult with one of our pre-veterinary advisors or the pre-health professions coordinator. You should set up a personalized meeting to discuss the best way to pursue your passions.

Resources for Hands-on Experience

Our resources include academic advising and tutoring, professional organizations such as Pre-Veterinary Club, and research opportunities so you gain valuable experience.

For more information about veterinary schools and course requirements, contact: