As a biology major, you establish a broad understanding of the basic laws, principles, and current theories of biology from the cellular to the ecosystem level. After taking core classes, you can personalize your courses to fit your strengths and interests while developing the technical and analytical skills you need to succeed in the field of your choice.

Career Pathways

Truman's biology program prepares you for a variety of careers, from biotechnology and medicine to research and academics.

Preparation for Professional Studies

You can use the biology major as a stepping stone for professional studies in medicine and health-related fields. Truman students have a 56% acceptance rate to health-related professional schools, compared to the national average of 43%.

Featured Courses

Gain an overview of cellular, molecular, and genetic processes that regulate the flow of information and energy within organisms.
Explore concepts that show the interconnectedness of organisms, environment, and evolution. 
Learn about the nature, transmission, variation, and action of the genetic material.
Study the nature of microorganisms with an emphasis on bacteria, viruses, and fungi and investigate microscopy, cell structures and functions, metabolism, genetics, host defense, biological diversity, and environmental issues.
Explore how physiological mechanisms are expressed in the human, using examples related to health, nutrition, exercise, and other human endeavors.

Student Opportunities

Biology Research

Our dynamic training environment provides research opportunities that foster creativity and effective critical thinking skills you need to become a successful scientist and leader.

Biology-Specific Study Abroad

Explore biology through our Large Mammal Management course in South Africa or one of the other programs offered through our Center for International Education Abroad.

Student Organizations

Joining student organizations gives you a chance to explore options for your future career. Organizations popular with biology majors range from the American Medical Student Association to the Wildlife Society.

Biology Facilities

You can pursue research and collaborate with other students and biology faculty in laboratories and at the University Farm as well as the natural areas of northeast Missouri. Biology students also have privileges at the A.T. Still University’ Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine’s library with nearly 1,000 holdings in biomedical science journals.

Virtual Tour

Take a look inside Magruder Hall, home to the Agricultural and Biological Sciences Department.