Pre-Medicine Studies

Preparation for medical school is a challenging journey you can begin at Truman State University. As a pre-med student at Truman, you have the opportunity to obtain the essential academic competencies needed to be successful in medical school.

Choose Your Own Path for Pre-Medicine

Each major available at Truman offers different strengths and variation in your approach to medicine—this means you have the freedom to design your educational experience by selecting a major that matches your particular academic interests or career goals. Many pre-med students opt to major in a basic science such as Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. Other common pre-med majors include Health ScienceExercise Science, or Psychology. Students majoring in any social science or the humanities are also accepted into medical school.

Pre-Med Living Learning Community

Get a head-start on building a network of like-minded peers by living in our Pre-Med Living Learning Community, one of several specialized areas in the residence halls that bring together students who share the same academic goals or interests.

Get Personal Attention from Your Pre-Medical Advisor

We want you to have everything you need to make sure you’re on the right path and to help you succeed.  Get expert guidance from your own pre-med advisor on courses, research projects, study abroad, and co-curricular activities. Have questions? Consult with one of our pre-medical advisors. You should set up a personalized meeting to discuss the best way to pursue your passions.

Resources That Make A Difference

Our resources include academic advising and tutoring, professional organizations such as AMSA and GlobeMed, a mentoring program with medical students, volunteer opportunities at local medical centers and clinics, and research opportunities with faculty. With our small classes, you get to know your professors one-on-one.

Our Graduates Succeed in Medical School

As a pre-med student at Truman, you get a solid foundation in the basic sciences so you’re well-prepared to succeed in medical school. Our graduates are accepted into medical school at prestigious institutions on the national stage such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, and Washington University.  Many Truman pre-meds choose to attend prestigious schools in the Midwest including University of Missouri, Saint Louis University, Creighton University, University of Iowa, Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Southern Illinois, and University of Kansas. Yet others choose the osteopathic medicine path and attend A.T. Still University, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, Des Moines University, and many more.

Infographic - Pre-Med at Truman