Careers in Biology

Launch Your Career with a Biology Degree from Truman

When it comes to selecting a career path and finding a job, biology is one of the most versatile majors you can pursue. Truman’s biology program provides outstanding preparation for wherever your biology degree takes you, from medical school to graduate school or the work place.

Graduate School and Professional School for Biology Majors

Many of our biology graduates enter health professional schools (medical, dental, veterinary, optometry, physical therapy) as well as graduate schools where they pursue a PhD, MS or MAE. Over the last decade, 70% of our graduates who applied to medical schools have been accepted.

Some of the prestigious graduate/professional schools recent graduates have attended include:

  • Creighton University
  • Loyola University
  • Mayo Graduate School
  • University of Missouri
  • Washington University

Jobs for Biology Majors

Around 30% of Truman graduates who earn a biology degree enter the work force directly. You will find our graduates teaching at all levels, pursuing biology jobs with companies like Monsanto, and conducting biomedical research in places like the Stovers Institute for Medical Research, as well as a variety of other jobs across the U.S. The well-rounded education you will receive at Truman ensures you have the flexibility and the skills to go into about any field you choose.