Veterans: Credit Transfer Policy

Veterans are able to utilize their DegreeWorks degree audit to see how credits awarded fulfill major requirements, general education requirements, degree requirements or electives. Whether credits fulfill major, general education, or other degree requirements is dependent on the program being pursued by the veteran and the veteran’s prior training and service. All credits awarded for military training or service must meet Truman State University’s mission.

With the presentation of the veteran’s DD Form 214, credit will be awarded for:

  • MS 100 – Introduction to Military Science I
  • MS 101 – Introduction to Military Science II
  • MS 200 – Perspectives in Leadership I
  • MS 201 – Perspectives in Leadership II

If the DD Form 214 or military transcript has Marksmanship notated, credit may be awarded for:

  • MS 125 – Ranger Challenge

If the DD Form 214 or military transcript has First Aid/CPR certification notated, credit may be awarded for:

  • ES 205 – First Aid & CPR

All other DD Form 214 or transcripted military training or service will be evaluated based on recommendations provided by the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. When appropriate, additional guidance may be sought from departments related to the training or service in determining the awarding of credit.

Credits awarded at other institutions are transferable according to Truman’s and/or the state’s transfer and articulation policies. Educational credits may be earned via nationally recognized exams or demonstrated competency based on evaluation of the exams or competencies.