Citizenship and Conduct

The Office of Citizenship and Community Standards (OCCS) is dedicated to creating and promoting a purposeful, inclusive, caring, responsible, just, and celebrative community of learners at Truman.  The OCCS is also charged with the administration of the Student Conduct Code.  The Student Conduct Code creates an expectation of behavior that the University views as acceptable and appropriate for students and student organizations.

The University recognizes the significance of students’ rights. Those rights include freedom of expression, autonomy, procedural protection, and the respect for personal integrity of all members of the community and their property. By ensuring those individual rights, the University fosters an environment conducive to students’ success and well-being. By doing so, students respect the dignity, rights, and property of the University and its members.

The Office of Citizenship and Community Standards is committed to resolving allegations of misconduct under the Student Conduct Code in a manner consistent with its principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity. The Office of Citizenship and Community Standards acknowledges the importance of balancing the interests of the individual student or student organization and the community at large, as well as protecting the integrity of the institution and its values.