Leave of Absence Overview

Truman State University recognizes that life circumstances do not always make it possible for students to remain continuously enrolled from freshman through senior year. The purpose of our Leave of Absence (LOA) policy is to provide students with the opportunity to take a pause from their coursework for up to two full semesters* while keeping their status as a Truman student without needing to reapply to the university. Our policy also pauses a student’s Truman-funded financial assistance as well as other benefits that make it easier for a student to return to campus.

Why Take a Leave of Absence?

There are many reasons a student might take a Leave of Absence, including non-Truman-sponsored study abroad trips, internships or employment opportunities, family responsibilities, financial difficulties, medical issues or concerns (physical and/or mental health), or emergency situations. In foreseeable situations, applications for a Leave of Absence should be submitted the semester prior to the student’s leave. In unforeseeable circumstances or emergency situations, a Leave of Absence may be requested at any time.

Benefits of a Leave of Absence

  • Students will have up to two full semesters* to return to full-time enrollment (12-17 credit hours) at Truman State University prior to losing their student status or Truman-funded financial assistance.
  • A student’s Truman-funded financial assistance remains in place during their Leave of Absence and resumes when they return to full-time status as long as the student is academically eligible to receive such aid.
  • Access to TruView, Truman email, Degree Works, and other Truman systems will still be available.
  • Students who are living on-campus and begin a Leave of Absence partway through a semester will NOT be assessed a housing contract cancellation fee ($500).

Policies to Be Mindful of

  • If a Leave of Absence extends longer than two full semesters*, the student will need to apply as a returning student to be reinstated as a Truman student and be considered to receive Truman-funded financial assistance.
  • Federal**, State of Missouri, Truman Foundation and private sources of finance aid have other rules and expectations that may be impacted by a Leave of Absence.
    • Students are responsible for determining and addressing the consequence of a Leave of Absence in situations where they are receiving financial assistance from a source other than Truman.
  • FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Immigration regulations require F-1 and J-1 students to maintain full-time status every semester they are present in the U.S
  • Students participating in a Leave of Absence are subject to the Student Conduct Code and other applicable University policies.
  • Students on leave will not be allowed to live in the Residence Halls or utilize any fee-based offices, services, or activities during their time of leave.

* Excluding Summer Term, August Interim, or Winter Interim. These terms will not count as part of your two semesters.

** Truman’s Leave of Absence is not a Return of Title IV Funds-approved leave of absence. If a student leaves during a semester it must be treated as a withdrawal and the enrollment status must be reported accordingly to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).

Disclaimer: Truman State University reserves the right to deny or rescind a Leave of Absence.

Leave of Absence Contact

Ashleigh Harding, M.A.
Director of Student Success & Academic Standards Chair
aharding@truman.edu  |  appeals@truman.edu

Updated September 28, 2023