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How do I apply for a Leave of Absence?

Leave of Absence FAQ

Truman State University
Leave of Absence Process

Continuous enrollment until graduation is often seen as the ideal in higher education. Truman State University recognizes that life circumstances do not always make continuous enrollment possible or advantageous. The purpose of the Leave of Absence Process is to provide students with the opportunity to be absent from the University for up to two full semesters (excluding summer terms or interim) retaining their status as Truman students and to minimize the impact on any Truman-funded financial assistance the student may receive. A Leave of Absence is appropriate for students who are unable to complete a semester and/or who are not planning to be enrolled at Truman for up to two full semesters (excluding summer terms or interims).

There are many reasons a student might take a Leave of Absence. The primary reasons may include, but are not limited to, study abroad, internship or employment opportunities, family responsibilities, financial difficulties, medical issues, military service and/or emergency situations. In some cases the leave may be due to circumstances that can be planned in advance such as study abroad or internships. In foreseeable situations, applications for a Leave of Absence should occur the semester prior to the beginning of the leave. In unforeseeable or emergency situations, a Leave of Absence may be requested at any time.

A student who takes a Leave of Absence after the commencement of the semester may still work with professors to secure incompletes or other alternate arrangements, if possible, to complete courses. Students may also take Truman online courses and/or make arrangements to enroll temporarily at another institution during a Leave of Absence and still maintain their relationship with Truman. Students will have up to two full semesters (excluding summer terms or interims) to return to full-time enrollment at Truman State University prior to losing their student status or Truman-funded financial assistance. If a Leave of Absence extends longer than two full semesters (excluding summer terms or interims), the student will need to apply as a returning student to be reinstated as a Truman student and be considered to receive Truman-funded financial assistance. Federal*, State of Missouri, Truman Foundation and private sources of financial aid have other rules and expectations and may be impacted by a Leave of Absence. Students are responsible for determining and addressing the consequences of a Leave of Absence in situations where they are receiving financial assistance from a source other than Truman institutional aid.

A Leave of Absence for professional or academic reasons (study abroad, internship, employment or other personal or professional development opportunities) will be reviewed by the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost or designee. A Leave of Absence for personal reasons (financial, family, medical or other emergency situations) will be reviewed by the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee and may require additional information.   A student or a student’s authorized representative must complete and submit the Leave of Absence Plan. Additional documentation such as a letter of acceptance to a study abroad program or an internship program, or medical documentation may also be required. The Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost or designee or Vice President for Student Affairs or designee will work as needed with the Dean of the School in which the student’s academic major is housed in order to make arrangements for the Leave of Absence. In the case where a student’s academic major is Undecided/Undeclared, arrangements will be made, as needed, with the Director of the Center for Academic Excellence. When a Leave of Absence Plan is reviewed through the Vice President for Student Affairs only limited information regarding the reason for the leave will be distributed to others. The Registrar’s Office will routinely receive notification of an approved Leave of Absence regardless of the reasons for the leave. The Financial Aid Office and Center for International Students will receive notification as appropriate.

Students participating in a Leave of Absence are subject to the Student Conduct Code and other applicable University policies. Access will be provided for TruView, Truman email and DegreeWorks. Students on leave will not be allowed to live in the Residence Halls or utilize any fee-based offices, services or activities during the time of the leave.

Students returning from a Leave of Absence will need to notify the administrator who reviewed the Leave of Absence Plan (Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost or Vice President for Student Affairs) a minimum of six weeks prior to their return. This agent may ask for additional information or documentation, if appropriate, to facilitate the student’s academic and/or personal transition back to full-time study at Truman.

*This Truman Leave of Absence is not a Return of Title IV Funds Approved Leave of Absence. If a student leaves during a semester it must be treated as a withdrawal and the enrollment status must be reported accordingly to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).

Leave of Absence Contacts:

Vice President for Student AffairsJanna Stoskopf, jstoskopf@truman.edu
Executive Secretary, Academic AffairsDeeDee Moore, susanm@truman.edu
Vice President for Enrollment ManagementRegina Morin, rmorin@truman.edu
Director, Center for Academic ExcellenceDr. Jack Holcomb, jholcomb@truman.edu
November 2, 2015
Disclaimer: Truman State University reserves the right to deny or rescind a Leave of Absence.