Online Master of Arts in Counseling: School Counseling


School Districts across America are struggling to get enough qualified counselors in their buildings. As a school counselor, you can make an important difference in the lives of students as they face the challenges of adolescence and contemplate future educational opportunities and careers.

According to data supplied by Burning Glass Technologies, the anticipated 10-year job growth in the field of School Counseling is 8.42% —more than double the expected rate of growth for the national labor market.  In Missouri and its surrounding states, the anticipated rate of growth is 7.17%.

While the job prospects for licensed counselors are good, the true satisfaction that comes from working in this field is the knowledge that you are impacting young lives in a truly meaningful way. Every day you enter a school, you will have the chance to change the life of a student by:

  • helping students with their academic and career choices, social development, and relationships with parents, teachers, and other students
  • helping students and families find the resources that can help them succeed in school
  • helping students understand and cope with sudden changes in their lives and in the world around them

Truman’s School Counseling program applies the best practices in counselor education and online learning while not sacrificing the crucial personal interactions and clinical training that is central to a successful counseling career.