Awarded Bids

This page is the current listing of the Recently Awarded bids / proposals by Truman State University’s Purchasing Section of the Business Office.  The Awarded bids/ proposals will remain on its website for one (1) year.  They are listed with the most recently awarded appearing first on the list.  Truman State University reserves the right to post or not post any or all bids to this site.  All bids available for public response are available by contacting the appropriate buyer listed.

Recently Awarded Bids / Proposals

Bid/RFP NumberDescriptionClosing Date  Awardee  AmountBuyer
CP2024-002Landscaping at Visitors CenterOctober 17, 2023Rost Inc$50,900Lori Shook
SP24-07Steinway Piano RebuildOctober 5, 2023Wells Piano$56,300Sarah Jones
2024-007Missouri Hall PTAC UnitsOctober 19, 2023Crescent Parts & Equipment$16,421.48Laura Thrasher
SP24-05Replacement Baseball ScoreboardOctober 3, 2023Nevco Sports LLC$34,258.68Sarah Jones
2024-003Refrigerant BidAugust 11, 2023Perfect Resource Group LLC$19,509.84Laura Thrasher
SP24-03Barnett Hall Water Main RepairJuly 17, 2023Lawson Construction LLC$65,450.00Lori Davenport
CP2023-007Truman Student Recreation Center Main Gym ProjectFebruary 14, 2023Missouri Floor Company Inc$497,520.00Laura Thrasher
CP2023-006Casework Replacement for OP2240February 2, 2023Great Plains Contractors LLC$8,000.00Laura Thrasher
2023-017Football Championship RingsJanuary 26, 2023Signature Championship Rings$9,665.00Lori Davenport
CP2023-005Towne Museum Exhibit ProjectDecember 8, 2022Great Plains Contractors LLC$8,950.00Laura Thrasher
SP23-21Cooling Tower MaintenanceDecember 1, 2022Water Cooling Equipment Inc$167,315.00Laura Thrasher
SP23-16Labor Data And Educational Marketplace Analytic ServicesDecember 1, 2022Economic Modeling LLC$43,700.00Lori Davenport
2023-015Clay MixerNovember 15, 2022Mammoth Clay Company$9,150.00Lori Davenport
2023-014Cattle FeedNovember 10, 2022MFA$6,900.00Lori Davenport
2023-013Horse FeedNovember 8, 2022MFA$7,095.00Lori Davenport
SP23-19Boiler RepairNovember 1, 2022American Boiler$12,459.00Lori Davenport
SP23-18Fencing at Baseball and Softball FieldsOctober 20, 2022Diamond Fence$31,216.00Lori Davenport
SP23-14Government Relation ServicesSeptember 29, 2022GibbonsWorkman$86,000.00Laura Thrasher
CP2023-004Pickler Memorial Library FloorOctober 20, 2022Moore's Floors$20,475.00Laura Thrasher
CP2023-003Appraisal ServicesSeptember 29, 2022CanceledLaura Thrasher
SP23-17Employment Search Services (Nursing)October 13, 2022Myers McRae$40,700.00Lori Davenport
CP2023-002Kirk Building Abatement and Remediation DesignSeptember 15, 2022Occu-tec Inc9124.00Lori Shook
2023-008Printing of the Annual ReportAugust 25, 2022Modern Litho$25,466.89Lori Davenport
2023-007Rock SaltAugust 16, 2022Central Salt / Compass Minerals$18,000Lori Davenport
2023-006Task ChairsAugust 4, 2022Pro-Tech Company Inc$10,850.56Laura Thrasher
2023-005Commercial Washing Machines for AthleticsAugust 9, 2022JETZ Service CO$11,904.00Laura Thrasher
CP2023-001Operable Partition ReplacementAugust 4, 2022Burns Boys$77,495.00Lori Shook
SP23-13Body Imaging MachineJuly 21, 2022Hologic$80,220.80Lori Davenport
SP23-12Softball Field Artificial Surface and FencingJuly 19, 2022CanceledLaura Thrasher
2023-002Diploma Covers and Honor MedallionsJune 9, 2022Graduate Affairs / Herff Jones$13,030.00Lori Davenport
2023-001Printing of commencement programsJune 7, 2022JK Creative/BOPI$9,600.00Lori Davenport
SP23-09Charter Motor Coach TransportationMay 26, 2022Cavalier CoachescontractLaura Thrasher
SP23-08Text Messaging PlatformMay 5, 2022Modern Campus (Signal Vine)contractLori Davenport
SP22-21Video Production Graphics SystemApril 28, 2022Modern Communication Inc$35,615.00Laura Thrasher
SP22-16Resurfacing Tennis CourtsApril 28, 2022Pro Track and Tennis Inc$139,260.00Laura Thrasher
SP23-07Learning Management SystemApril 26,2022D2L64976.76Laura Thrasher
2023-003Printing of The Truman ReviewMay 26, 2022CancelledLori Davenport
CP2022-003Centennial Hall WindowsApril 7, 2022CanceledLaura Thrasher
SP23-11Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting ServicesJune 9, 2022CanceledLaura Thrasher
SP23-06Student Nurture, Lead Generation and Search Fulfillment ServicesMarch 31, 2022Niche / EAB / Webber CommunicationscontractLori Davenport
2022-017Leica MicroscopesMarch 31, 2022NCI Inc$52,793.20Laura Thrasher
SP22-15Parking Lot Asphalt ReplacementMarch 24, 2022Capital Paving and Construction LLC$165,440.00Laura Thrasher
SP22-017Refurbish of Women's Basketball LockersMarch 15, 2022Dains Custom Athletic Lockers$23,489.00Lori Davenport
CP2022-004Magruder Hall FlooringMarch 15, 2022Moore's Floors Inc$110,556.00Laura Thrasher
CP2022-005Violette Hall FlooringMarch 15, 2022Moore's Floors Inc$88,389.00Laura Thrasher
CP2022-006Ophelia Parrish FlooringMarch 15, 2022Moore's Floors Inc$51,035.00Laura Thrasher
SP23-05Laundry ServicesMach 10 2022Jetz Service CompanycontractLori Davenport
2022-015Accu-Scope EXC-120 MicroscopeMarch 3, 2022Thomas Scientific$12,116.20Laura Thrasher
SP23-01Banking ServicesMarch 3, 2022Bank of KirksvilleContractLaura Thrasher
2022-025Arrowquip Cattle ChuteFebruary 28, 2022B&B Livestock Supply & Trailers$12,4000.00Lori Davenport
2022-023Greenhouse TunnelsFebruary 28, 2022Farmers Friend LLC$19,800.00Laura Thrasher
SP22-11Solar Power for University FarmFebruary 24, 2022Red Barn Solar$99,492.00Lori Davenport
SP22-14Pickler Memorial Library Website DesignFebruary 17, 2022Infojini Inc$20,585.00Laura Thrasher
CP2022-002Greenwood School EnvironmentalFebruary 15, 2022O6 Environmental LLC$73,545.00Laura Thrasher
2022-021Marching Piccolos and Brass FluteFebruary 1, 2022Woodwind & Brasswind$3,986.00Lori Davenport
2022-020Liquid RefrigerantJanuary 27, 2022Aspen Refrigerants$18,450.00Lori Davenport
2022-019Printing of Junior Mailing PieceJanuary 27, 2022Creasey Printing Services$10,493.00Lori Davenport
SP22-13Security Camera SystemJanuary 27, 2022Communications Technologies Inc$332,071.28Laura Thrasher
SP22-12Anatomy TableJanuary 25, 2022Anatomage$513,650.00Laura Thrasher
Pouring RightsJanuary 20, 2022Macon Coca-ColaContractLaura Thrasher
2022-024Great Plains 10' No-Till DrillFebruary 17, 2022Wiss & Wiss Equipment$39,500.00Lori Daveport
2022-014Football Championship RingsJanuary 13, 2022Zolnier Championship Rings$10,620.75Lori Davenport
2022-013Printing of Junior Mailing PieceDecember 16, 2021CANCELLEDLori Davenport
SP22-08.1Nursing Faculty Member/Program Coordinator SearchDecember 14, 2021CanceledLaura Thrasher
SP23-03University Concession ServicesDecember 9, 2021Delta Sigma Pin/aLori Davenport
SP22-10Furniture Upholster ServicesDecember 7, 2021CANCELLEDLori Davenport
2022-012Washer and Dryer for Student Rec CenterDecember 2, 2021CANCELLEDLori Davenport
2022-010Interior SignsNovember, 30, 2021Missouri Vocational Enterprises$1,560.20Lori Davenport
SP22-08Nursing Faculty Member/Program Coordinator SearchOctober 26, 2021CanceledLaura Thrasher
SP11-07Boiler RepairsOctober 14, 2021American Boiler & Mechanical$21,550.00Lori Davenport
2022-009Equestrian PenOctober 14, 2021MFA Kirksville$11,382.00Lori Davenport
2022-005Digital BillboardSeptember 23, 2021Robinson Outdoor$8,400.00Lori Davenport
SP22-06Tree MaintenanceSeptember 16, 2021Russell Smith Tree ServiceLori Davenport
SP22-03College/Career VisitJune 10, 2021Adventure Student TravelLori Davenport
2022-003Open Display MerchandiserAugust 24, 2021Burkett Restaurant Equipment and Supplies$6,586.00Laura Thrasher
SP22-04International Digital MarketingJuly 20, 2021International Education Advantage LLC (Intead)$70,000.00Laura Thrasher
2022-002Fleet Vehicle MaintenanceJune 8, 2021Woody's Tire and AutoLori Davenport
SP22-02Lawn Care SuppliesMay 28, 2021SiteOneLori Davenport
2022-001Various Printing for AdmissionsMay 11, 2021Print Group and Modern Litho$6,479.05Lori Davenport
SP21-19Undergraduate MarketingApril 13, 2021Net Natives$150,000.00Laura Thrasher
SP21-18Collection Agency ServicesMarch 31, 2021General Revenue Corp
Williams & Fudge Inc
Laura Thrasher
SP22-01Intercollegiate Athletic Team Medical InsuranceMay 6, 2021Dissinger-Reed$158,770Lori Davenport
2021-019Digital Pianos / ClavinovasMarch 23, 2021Lacefield Music$72653.76Lori Davenport
SP21-15Conversion of Tennis Courts to Basketball CourtMarch 11, 2021McConnell & Associates$23,538.00Lori Davenport
CP21-03Flooring in Selected Areas in Viollette Hall and Ophelia ParrishMarch 2, 2021Moore's Floors$49,997.00Lori Davenport
2021-017Alumni Self Mailer Print/MailFebruary 25, 2021Modern Litho$7,345.91Lori Davenport
2021-016Gym Floor TarpsFebruary 16, 2021Missouri Floor Company$20,255.00Lori Davenport
SP21-13Graduate MarketingFebruary 11, 2021Net Natives$100,000.00Laura Thrasher
2021-014Ultrasound Equipment (Bovine/Equine)January 21, 2021E.I. Medical Imaging$8,796.00Lori Davenport
2021-01510" Concrete Planer/GrinderJanuary 19, 2021Discount Equipment$7,912.00Lori Davenport
2021-007Netting Replacement on Batting CagesJanuary 14, 2021Wamco Athletics$19,798.00Laura Thrasher
SP12-012Refurbished OboeDecember 1, 2020Oboe Chicago$6,750.00Lori Davenport
SP10-10Construction of Horse FenceNovember 17, 2020Frontline Fencing$32,741.41Lori Davenport
SP21-07Mobile Safety Alert SystemSeptember 22, 2020Rave Mobile Safety$7,000Lori Davenport
2021-003Residence Hall MattressesJuly 30, 2020Midwest Sleep$34,500.00Lori Davenport
SP21-03Print Media / Direct Mail ServicesJuly 23, 2020Webber CommunicationsLori Davenport
SP21-02Production, Lighting & Sound Services for Student Activities Board ConcertsJune 23, 2020Sound CheckContractKim Murphy
SO21-04Commencement PhotographyJune 18, 2020GradImagesLori Davenport
2021-002Non-Printed Paper & EnvelopesJune 16, 2020Midland Paper and VeritivLori Davenport
2021-001Automated Camera SystemJune 11, 2020Keemotion (Synergy Sports Technology()$5,500Lori Davenport
SP20-17Slate CRM Consultant ServicesApril 21, 2020Enrollment FUEL$63,750.00Kim Murphy
SP21-01Miscellaneous Printed ApparelMay 19, 2020multiple awardsLori Davenport
2020-021Orientation FoldersMay 19, 2020The Precision Line$6,559.92Lori Davenport
SP20-13Mobile Safety Alert SystemMarch 31, 2020CANCELLEDKim Murphy
2020-017Football Championship RingsFebruary 11, 2020CANCELLEDKim Murphy
SP20-16Pershing Arena, Small Gym & Student Recreation Center Floor Refinishing ProjectMarch 10, 2020Charles Luebbert Hardwood Floors$25,101.00Kim Murphy
SP20-14External Auditing ServicesJanuary 21, 2020RubinBrownContractKim Murphy
SP20-16Piano RebuildJanuary 30, 2020No Award - CancelledLori Davenport
2020-012Printing of the University ReportDecember 6, 2019Modern Litho$26,923.71Lori Daveport
SP20-12Demolition and Removal of Existing Storage Building ProjectNovember 21, 2019No Award - CancelledKim Murphy
2020-001MarimbaNovember 7, 2019Percussion Source/West Music$15,309.15Lori Davenport
CP2020-004Violette Hall Flooring ProjectOctober 24, 2019Richardet Floor Covering$66,440.00Kim Murphy
CP2020-003Magruder Lower Level Flooring ProjectOctober 24, 2019Richardet Floor Covering$29,150.00Kim Murphy
2020-009Pest ExterminationOctober 17, 2019EcoLab$3,840.00Lori Davenport
SP20-04Construction of Storage BuildingJuly 16, 2019Sparks Constructors, Inc.$372,000.00Kim Murphy
SP20-03Economic Impact Analysis ProjectAugust 29, 2019ESMIContractKim Murphy
SP19-13Foundation Investment Management ServicesMay 29, 2019NEPC, Inc.ContractKim Murphy
2020-007Pest ExterminationSeptember 17, 2019RejectedLori Davenport
2020-001Toilet Tissue / Roll Towels / Trash BagsAugust 22, 2019Industrial Soap / Veritiv / American Veteran Enterprise Team$66,071.90Lori Davenport
CP2020-002Miscellaneous Painting ProjectAugust 22, 2019Griffith Constructiono$18,317.00Kim Murphy
2020-005Pest ExterminationAugust 20 2019CancelledLori Davenport
2020-003Exhaust Hood CleaningAugust 20, 2019Hoodz Mid-MO$13,582.00Lori Davenport
SP20-07Registered Behavior Technician Training SolutionAugust 15, 2019Behavior Leaders, LLCContractKim Murphy
SP20-05Land Package for Summer Study Abroad to MoroccoAugust 7, 2019Enjoy Studies AbroadContractLori Davenport
2020-002Various Printing for AdmissionsAugust 6, 2019Modern Litho / Print Group / The Precision Line / JK Creative$34,614.72Lori Davenport
SP19-18Planned Giving Data AnalyticsMay 31, 2019StelterContractKim Murphy
SP20-02Exterior Lighting on Sand Volleyball Court for Centennial HallAugust 27, 2019Meyer Electric$14,113.00Kim Murphy
SP20-01Charter Motor Coach Transportation ServicesJuly 2, 2019White Knight LimousineContractKim Murphy
2020-004Pumping and Cleaning of Kitchen Grease TrapsAugust 20, 2019D&R Pumping Service Inc.$21,600Lori Davenport
SP19-23Asphalt Paving ProjectJune 6, 2019W L Miller Company$60,400.00Kim Murphy
SP19-22Summer 2019 Concrete Sidewalk & Paving ProjectJune 6, 2019BRS Construction$20,700.00Kim Murphy
SP19-12On-Demand Movie and Television Streaming ServicesMay 15, 2019CancelledKim Murphy
SP19-11Career Management SystemMay 9, 2019Symplicity$20,000.00Kim Murphy
SP19-10University Investment Management ServicesMarch 21, 2019PFM Asset Management LLCContractKim Murphy
SP19-16Library Bindery ServicesJune 18, 2019Houchin Boundry ServicesContractKim Murphy
SP19-19University Farm Horse Arena ImprovementsJune 20, 2019No AwardExceeded budgetKim Murphy
2019-026Cafeteria EquipmentApril 23, 2019Douglas Equipment, Pueblo Hotel Supply, Cooks Direct, Edward Don, Johnson-Lancaster$23,091.91Lori Davenport
2019-024Marching TubasMarch 26, 2019Carolina Crown$26,034.00Lori Davenport
SP19-17Employment Search Consulting ServicesApril 25, 2019RPA, IncContractKim Murphy
SP19-08Planetarium Digital Multimedia Theater System Upgrade ProjectMarch 5, 2019Evans & Sutherland$144,500.00Kim Murphy
SP19-20Demolition & Removal of Storage Building ProjectApril 30, 2019Mick Mehler and Sons Inc.$21,630.00Kim Murphy
SP19-15Installation of Chillers in Student Union Building and Violette HallApril 16, 2019Harold G. Butzer Inc$745,350.00Kim Murphy
2019-027Bell & Gossett Model e-1510 Centrifugal Pumps April 16, 2019Blackmore & Glunt$40,116.00Kim Murphy
2019-022Used / Refinished Telehandler Fork LiftMarch 5, 2019United Rentals Inc$44,650.00Kim Murphy
SP19-09Student Recreation Center Main Gym Floor Refinishing ProjectFebruary 28, 2019ACME Floor Company$5,354.00Kim Murphy
2019-017Land/Air Packages for Summer Study Abroad to EuropeJanuary 22, 2019Connect US (land) / Gateway Travel (air)$58,980.35Lori Davenport
SP19-02Natatorium Pool Shell Replacement ProjectJanuary 3, 2019Westport Pools, Inc.$118,516.00Kim Murphy
SP19-01Banner 9 Development Consulting & Training ServicesSeptember 27, 2018Strata Information Group & David Kent ConsultingContractKim Murphy
2019-01514' x 28' Metal GarageDecember 18, 2018RL Carter's LLC$7,327.00Lori Davenport
CP2019-004Stokes Stadium Visitor's Locker Room Flooring ProjectNovember 15, 2018Flooring Express$7,600.00Kim Murphy
2019-0122019 3/4 ton Flatbed Pickup with Snow Plow and UndercoatingNovember 7, 2018Joe Machens Ford$47,077.00Kim Murphy
2019-009Diploma Covers and Honor MedallionsOctober 23, 2018Jostens (diploma covers) / Zolnier (medallions)410,324.50Lori Davenport
SP21-11Ticketing SystemDecember 2, 2020TixTrackContractLaura Thrasher
SP19-07Brand and Identity Development with Comprehensive Messaging ProgramOctober 16, 2018SME$294,550.00Kim Murphy
CP2019-003Pickler Memorial Library Quiet Room Door Replacement ProjectNovember 6, 2018PSR Construction,
$35,760.00Kim Murphy
2019-010Musical InstrumentsOctober 30, 2018Taylor Music Woodwinds & Brasswind$13,816.00Lori Davenport
2019-008Printing of Commencement ProgramsOctober 11, 2018Print Group Inc$7,348.62Lori Davenport
CP2019-001Ryle Hall Dining Booth Replacement ProjectOctober 5, 2018KC Booth Co.$25,283.22Kim Murphy
SP19-06Pershing Arena South Egress Door Replacement ProjectOctober 4, 2018Aladdin Glass$17,932.00Kim Murphy
CP2019-002Pickler Memorial Library Quiet Room & Atrium Carpet Replacement ProjectOctober 4, 2018Moore's Floors$5,856.00Kim Murphy
2019-007Dobson Hall Bathroom Window Replacement ProjectSeptember 26, 2018Aladdin Glass$9,519.00Kim Murphy
SP19-04Enrollment Management Consulting ServicesAugust 30, 2018SEM WorksContractKim Murphy
CP2021-001Greenwood School Window Replacement Phase 2October 8, 2020Mill Valley Construction Inc$86,000.00Lori Shook
SP21-05Miscellaneous WiringSeptember 1, 2020Winkler Communication ServicesContract - will award as neededLaura Thrasher
SP21-17Miscellaneous PlumbingMarch 9, 2021Shanes Drains$3,000.00Laura Thrasher
SP21-14Asphalt Paving ProjectFebruary 4, 2021Capital Paving & Construction LLC$55,000.00Laura Thrasher
SP21-08Non-Credit Course ServiceSeptember 17, 2020ETCContractLaura Thrasher
CP2021-002Student Recreation Center Limited Exterior RepairOctober 8, 2020Staat Inc$15,966.00Laura Thrasher
2021-013Commercial Washing Machine for AthleticDecember 1, 2020Washburn Machinery of Iowa Inc$13,469.00Laura Thrasher
2021-007Replace Netting for Batting CagesJanuary 21, 2021Wamco Athletics$19,798.00Laura Thrasher
SS21-002Recruitment Tool for Incoming FreshmenMarch 16, Inc$24,990.00Laura Thrasher
SP20-08Student Health Center and University Counseling ServicesJuly 30, 2020Hannibal Regional$369,422.00Mike Garzanelli
SP19-03Miscellaneous Athletic Improvements ProjectAugust 30, 2018WAMCO Athletics$72,539.00Kim Murphy