Exercise Science Major
Applied/Clinical Concentration: Biomechanics

As an exercise science major at Truman, you can choose the applied/clinical concentration in preparation for graduate school or an entry-level position in a biomechanics-related lab or personal training setting. If you are interested in understanding anatomical and mechanical characteristics of human movement, biomechanics is a great fit for you.

Study Human Movement

You will learn how to analyze the techniques of movement and acquire knowledge of how those processes relate to the movement product. You will also develop extensive knowledge of the muscular, kinematic, and kinetic nature of human movement, and use this information to analyze motion for the characteristics reflecting effective motion, as well as those characteristics relating to injury risk.

Research-Based Studies

This applied/clinical concentration in biomechanics relies on a research-based approach to investigating biomechanical characteristics using commonly available tools including video-based motion analysis, electromyography, and force transduction.